Bok McDonagh

I am Bok, a British-born expat living in China. I was born in Lancashire but identify as a 'plassie-Scouser'. I spent my youth growing up in Cumbria. Here I developed a great taste for exploration, climbing mountains and camping in the wilderness - a taste for travel that has defined my life.

Assault on Bone Hill Castle

During their travels in the Reddy Forest the Troupe heard rumours of hobgoblins setting up camp in a Bone Hill Castle. Worried that the hobgoblin fort may lead to more troubles for the town, the Troupe sets off to investigate the castle and see if the rumours are true.

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Killing Jotuns One By One

This week I’ve been making progress in Jotun: Valhalla Edition. I’ve completed every level, and collected all the golden apples and skills. Now I just need to kill the Jotuns. After killing the first Jotun, I learned something new about this game and the story it intends to tell.

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