Bok McDonagh

I am Bok, a British-born expat living in China. I was born in Lancashire but identify as a 'plassie-Scouser'. I spent my youth growing up in Cumbria. Here I developed a great taste for exploration, climbing mountains and camping in the wilderness - a taste for travel that has defined my life.

Cats: The Butterfly’s Natural Enemy

I wanted to have some interaction between butterflies and vanilla entities to make them feel like part of the Minecraft world. An easy way to have an entity interact is to make butterflies the target of a predator. Our furry friends seemed like the best candidate for this.

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A New Direction for the Troupe

After losing Neera exploring Adoy’s Enclave, Aegon returned to Beregost to recruit some old friends. Gavin, Emily and Braegar agree to travel with him again. They stand now, outside the Thunderhammer Smithy, ready to discuss their next steps.

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Chrysalis: Completing the Cycle

We finally implement the chrysalis and complete the life cycle of the butterfly. Butterflies lay eggs. Eggs hatch into caterpillars. Caterpillars create a chrysalis. Butterflies hatch out of a chrysalis. The circle of life is complete.

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The Goblins of Adoy’s Enclave

At the request of Neera, Aegon’s troupe has travelled to Adoy’s Enclave seeking the aged wild mage that lives there. Neera hopes he can help her gain more control over her wild magic.

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Slieve Donard: The Fourth Peak

Before I moved to China I was already heavy into hiking. I managed to peak Ben Nevis, Snowdon, and Scafell Pike. But I never made it to the highest peak in Northern Ireland. Since I moved back to Dublin, I decided it was finally time to complete the fourth mountain.

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1993 Space Machine: True Retro

In the early 90s four Swedish teenagers developed Shenandoah, a video game for the Amiga. They got close to release but ended up abandoning the game. About 20 years later the game’s code was found in a pile of old floppy disks, and the game was finally completed.

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