It’s All About the Little Things

It’s always worth taking some time to focus on the details. Small things can make a huge difference to a mod. I spent some time this week working on small features and little improvements. In the long run, these things will make a huge difference.

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Screwing Up the Life Cycle

Well, I screwed up. It turns out a major selling point of Bok’s Butterflies wasn’t working at all. The life cycle of the butterflies wasn’t working at all. It all boils down to a misunderstanding on my part. So this week I have a new release that fixes this feature.

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Cleaning Out the Butterflies Backlog

During any development it’s inevitable that you introduce bugs or leave minor tasks behind. The Butterflies Mod is no exception. We have a list of small details that are incomplete, as well as some bugs we’ve picked up on while testing. This week we try to clear out that list.

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