Month: October 2023


Releasing the Butterflies

We are on the road to release! This week I finally finished the first version of the mod and have pushed an official version of my mod out to the world. It’s taken me a while, but I finally have this simple butterfly mod out in the wild.

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60 Parsecs! A Choose-Your-Own-Roguelite

You and your team are orbiting Earth on a space station when nuclear war breaks out. As you watch life being wiped off the surface of your home, one missile starts heading towards the station. There is no stopping it, and the only way out is a small escape pod.

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Cats: The Butterfly’s Natural Enemy

I wanted to have some interaction between butterflies and vanilla entities to make them feel like part of the Minecraft world. An easy way to have an entity interact is to make butterflies the target of a predator. Our furry friends seemed like the best candidate for this.

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