More Than Just A Murderer
After a traumatic loss at Zhentil Keep, Bassilus started replacing his lost family by murdering and resurrecting innocent people. Gavin was tasked by Lathander to slay Bassilus, and completed his mission with the help of Aegon’s Troupe.

Caravan Bandit Leader

This woman led a group of bandits assaulting Eddard Silvershield’s caravan on the Coast Way. Aegon’s troupe stumbled across what remained. She managed to kill both Verr’Sza and Helga, then Aegon killed her with his scroll of magic missiles.


Tree Logger
Caldo was attempting to cut down the Dryad’s Oak in the Cloud Peaks. When Minsc and company tried to stop him, he decided the giant berserker warrior was worth fighting.


Carbos also tried to assassinate Aegon in Candlekeep. He failed.


Chill Leader
Cattack was the leader of a group of hobgoblin bandits that attempted to rob the troupe. Aegon made them sleepy, and the Troupe ensured they wouldn’t bother any travellers again.


Along with Senjak, Dorotea attempted to mug Aegon’s troupe on their way to the Nashkel Mines. When Dorn ambushed their crew she tried to rekindle a failed romance with the half-orc. During the ensuing fight she was cut open by Braegar.


Troublesome Bandit
Garclax and his crew were forced to stay in a cave by the other bandits after starting too many fights. He tried to start trouble with Drake and paid the ultimate price for it.


Bridge Ogrillon
Gnarl and his friend, Hairtooth, attempted to extort money from Aegon’s crew as a bridge toll. When that failed he tried to kill them and take their money by force.


Foster Father
Gorion was the foster father of Aegon, raising him as his own. When Aegon came of age, Gorion became concerned and decided to leave Candlekeep with his son. On the first night outside the Keep, Gorion was killed protecting Aegon from a mysterious armoured figure.


Bounty Hunter
Greywolf was a famous bounty hunter who came to claim the bounty on the artist, Prism. He tried to get through Isra and Aegon’s Troupe to get to the artist. His attempt failed.


Bridge Ogrillon
Alongside Gnarl, Hairtooth was killed by Aegon and crew after attempting to extort money from them on the bridge to the Gnoll Stronghold.


Hungry Gnoll
Ingot was kicked out of the Gnoll Stronghold for wanting to eat Dynaheir, while the others wanted to keep her alive. On hearing this Minsc flew into a rage and killed the gnoll on the spot.


Isra was helped by Aegon’s troupe when she was protecting Prism and his work on his masterpiece. She rewarded them by raising her sword against Dorn, and ended up meeting a blade herself.


Karlat was an assassin that tracked Aegon down in the Red Sheaf in Beregost. Finch joined the fight, and he was eventually killed by Braegar before he could escape to fight another day.

Korax the Ghoul

Hungry Flesh Eater
Korax offered to help the Troupe in the Sharp Teeth Plain. Despite claiming he could control his hunger, he tried to eat the Troupe as they rested and they were forced to kill him.


Bandit Leader
Krellus was the leader of the bandits in Bald Hill. At Sir Billybob’s request, the Troupe hunted down and slayed the bandits, allowing Restenford to once again receive trade goods.


Tree Logger
A little slower than Caldo, Krumm was also trying to cut down the Dryad’s Oak in the Cloud Peaks. He lost his life fighting Aegon and his troupe.


Kryll was among the companions that betrayed Dorn. Aegon and his Troupe helped Dorn hunt down and kill the evil mage. On her corpse was found a note leading Dorn to Simmeon, the man responsible for betraying Dorn.


Chicken / Apprentice
Melicamp accidentally turned himself into a chicken with a polymorph scroll, and hasn’t been able to turn himself back since. He has asked Breagar and the rest of the troupe to take him to Thalantyr’s mansion to the west of Beregost, in the hopes that his teacher will help him turn back.

Aegon took him to see Thalantyr, who reluctantly helped Melicamp by breaking the rules of magic to “resurrect” him. Unfortunately, the spell failed and Melicamp died.

Deaths: 1

Miner Beldin

The Troupe encountered Beldin in the Nashkel Mines as he was being chased by kobolds. Unfortunately he took an arrow to the neck before they could save him.


Cave Dweller
This half-orc was behind the kobolds poisoning the ore in the Nashkel Mines. They started killing the miners against his orders, which led to Berrun Ghastkill, the Mayor of Nashkel, to send Aegon and his Troupe to investigate the mines and end Mulahey’s sabotage.


Basilisk Tamer
Mutamin was a mad gnomish wizard obsessed with taming mutalisks. Gavin was tasked by Lathander to slay the wizard, and did so with the help of Aegon and his Troupe.


Human / Level 2 Wild Mage
When she was younger she was cast out from High Forest after an accident during training, where her spell accidentally burned many of her classmates. She still feels the guilt of running and hiding instead of helping out after the accident.

Aegon and his troupe saved Neera from the Red Wizards that were trying to capture and study her. She offered to join Aegon in his travels, both for her own protection and for his. She helped to kill Silke after she attempted to manipulate the party into murdering innocent men.

She does not get on well with Vienxay, though she enjoys the company of Aegon’s childhood friend, Imoen.

She rejoined Aegon and helped rescue Aaron and Dynaheir from the Gnoll Stronghold.

She asked Aegon to go to a location near the Firewine ruins to track down Adoy, another wild mage she believes can help her learn to control her magic.

At Adoy’s Enclave they found it had been overrun by goblins, and she was torn apart by one of the goblin assassins in the cave they had taken residence inside.


Neira caught up with Aegon in the Nashkel Inn, where she met the same fate as every other assassin that has come after him.


Nimbul caught up to Aegon outside the Nashkel Inn after he got back from an expedition to the mines. Killed before he could release a single spell, Rose found a note on him that linked him to both the bandits plaguing the Coast, and the sabotage of the Nashkel Mines.


Artist Formerly Known as Prism
Prism, consumed by passion, drank several potions of speed and stayed up for days working on his final masterpiece: a bust of his love, Ellisime. Isra and Aegon’s Troupe guarded him as he finished his work. After his work was completed he collapsed from exhaustion and died.


Restless One
The revenant was unable to sleep after Hentold stole a dagger from his grave. Aegon returned the dagger to him, putting his spirit at peace and allowing it to move on to the next plane of existence.


God of the Rock Goblins
Rogdok was the self-proclaimed god of the goblins that sprouted from the rocks in Adoy’s enclave. His assassins managed to kill Neera, mutilating her corpse so she could no longer be resurrected.


Senjak attempted to mug Aegon’s troupe on their way to the Nashkel Mines, when Dorn ambushed his crew. He died after Garrick hit him in the neck with a crossbow bolt.


Shank is the first person to try and assassinate Aegon. He only succeeded at becoming the first person Aegon ever killed.


Unusual for a tiefling, Sirene has become a Martyr in the service of Ilmater, the Crying God. She had taken sanctuary in the Song of the Morning Temple when she met Aegon. She agreed to join him on his journey to investigate the Nashkel Mines.

She died after attacking Dorn in the temple, the second paladin to be slain for the Blackguard.


Thespian Extraordinaire
Silke attempted to trick the party into murdering some innocent people so she could steal from them. Seeing through the ruse, Silke attacked Aegon’s party, and was killed by Imoen before she could do any more harm.


Mage Assassin
Tarnesh accosted Aegon on the steps leading into the Friendly Arm Inn’s inner keep. After a round of questions, Tarnesh attacked Aegon’s Troupe, he attacked and attempted to kill Aegon. Vienxay, quick with her bow, took him out before he could do anything.

Thayan Wizard

Thayan Wizard
This wizard was pursuing Neera alongside Ekandor. He was killed by Vienxay when he tried to take Neera away from Aegon’s Troupe.


Bandit Messenger
While acting as a messenger between Tazok and Mulahey, Aegon’s Troupe tracked him down in Beregost and beat the information they needed out of him. Once they had what they needed, they ensured he couldn’t deliver any more messages.


The Strongest One There Is
This leader of a small crew hobgoblin bandits attempted to mug Aegon and his troupe. They showed him why he was wrong to try.


Male Witch
Zordral was holding Bentha hostage and threatening to kill her for being a witch. Aerie asked for Aegon’s help in stopping him, and he was killed before he could utter his “magic word”.