Caravan Bandit Leader

This woman led a group of bandits assaulting Eddard Silvershield’s caravan on the Coast Way. Aegon’s troupe stumbled across what remained. She managed to kill both Verr’Sza and Helga, then Aegon killed her with his scroll of magic missiles.


Carbos also tried to assassinate Aegon in Candlekeep. He failed.


Foster Father
Gorion was the foster father of Aegon, raising him as his own. When Aegon came of age, Gorion became concerned and decided to leave Candlekeep with his son. On the first night outside the Keep, Gorion was killed protecting Aegon from a mysterious armoured figure.


Karlat was an assassin that tracked Aegon down in the Red Sheaf in Beregost. Finch joined the fight, and he was eventually killed by Braegar before he could escape to fight another day.


Neira caught up with Aegon in the Nashkel Inn, where she met the same fate as every other assassin that has come after him.


Shank is the first person to try and assassinate Aegon. He only succeeded at becoming the first person Aegon ever killed.


Thespian Extraordinaire
Silke attempted to trick the party into murdering some innocent people so she could steal from them. Seeing through the ruse, Silke attacked Aegon’s party, and was killed by Imoen before she could do any more harm.


Mage Assassin
Tarnesh accosted Aegon on the steps leading into the Friendly Arm Inn’s inner keep. After a round of questions, Tarnesh attacked Aegon’s Troupe, he attacked and attempted to kill Aegon. Vienxay, quick with her bow, took him out before he could do anything.

Thayan Wizard

Thayan Wizard
This wizard was pursuing Neera alongside Ekandor. He was killed by Vienxay when he tried to take Neera away from Aegon’s Troupe.