Dramatis Personae


Alain was expecting guests when Aegon entered his home. He may still be expecting those guests to this day.


Cloakless Man
Algernon is staying in one of the nice rooms in the Friendly Arm Inn. His cloak was stolen by Rose.


Andout was heading to Beregost to tell them they would be garrisoned in case of an attack by Amn.


Aoln gave Aegon’s troupe advice on what to look out for in the area south of the Friendly Arm Inn. Mainly gibberlings and hungry wolves.

Armoured Figure

The armoured figure was pursuing Aegon for reasons unknown to him. He murdered Gorion, Aegon’s foster father. Aegon managed to escape, but now he seeks out the identity of the man with the glowing eyes.


Amnish Guardsman
Bardolan was part of the welcoming committee when Aegon arrived in Nashkel. He told Aegon’s troupe not to cause any trouble, and told them of the troubles in the mines and Commander Brage’s turn to violence.

Berrun Ghastkill

Mayor of Nashkel
Berrun is the Mayor of Nashkel, and is looking for adventurers to help look into the problems they are having with the nearby mines.

Bentley Mirrorshade

Bentley runs the Friendly Arm Inn, which he and his wife claimed after defeating the Priest of Bhaal that built the place. It was during the Time of Troubles, and Bhaal had recently been killed, making the priest powerless to fight against them.

Now the Friendly Arm Inn is a welcoming and secure place where all travellers can stay.


Binkos was delivering a message to the Grand Dukes of Baldur’s Gate, informing them of the many caravan raids that had occurred on the Sword Coast.


Bjornin is a paladin recovering at the Jovial Juggler in Beregost after a losing battle with a group of half-ogres nearby. They also injured his pride, and he has asked Aegon to give them a taste of steel.

Bub Snikt

Ogre Hunter
Bub Snikt patrols the Trade Way hunting ogres. He works alone, as he made very clear to Kagain when he tried to recruit him as a mercenary.


Carl is one of the guards protecting the Travenhurst Mansion in Beregost.


Suicidal(?) Man

Jaheira came across Chase contemplating whether or not to jump off a cliff on the Lion’s Way. She convinced him not to, but it seemed like he had already made up his mind.

Dawn Priest Blane

Dawn Priest of Lathander

Blane resides in the Song of the Morning Temple, where he spends his days making sure the floors are clean.

Dawn Priest Bram

Dawn Priest of Lathander

Bram tries to keep the Song of the Morning Temple safe from chair thieves. He also worries about how clean the floors are in the temple.


Dorn is a rather abrasive Half-Orc whom Aegon found drinking in the Friendly Arm Inn. After mistaking Aegon for a server, they parted on unfriendly terms.


Dreppin tends to the cows that provide milk in Candlekeep. He helped Aegon find Phlydia’s latest lost book. He has since asked Aegon to find an antidote for Nessa, one of his sick cows.


Drinking Buddy
Dunkin is Marl’s friend who would support and encourage him, even when he started fights. Eventually, with the help of Aegon, he managed to talk him into being calm whenever they met adventurers.


Red Wizard of Thay
Ekandor is chasing Neera, hoping to capture her and study her “anomalous powers”. One of Neera’s wild surges made him disappear. It is not certain if he is still alive or dead.


Faltis is one of the three men that Silke attempted to trick Aegon’s party into murdering.

Firebead Elvenhair

Firebead is a regular visitor to Candlekeep. Aegon would often run errands for Firebead when he was visiting. The day he left he asked Aegon to retrieve a scroll from Tethtoril for him.


Fuller is one of Hull’s drinking partners. Like Hull, he tends to forget his equipment when he has a hangover.


The Gatewarden of Candlekeep helped to train Aegon how to fight in a team.

Gellana Mirroshade

Gellana is the resident cleric at the Friendly Arm Inn’s temple, who resurrected Xzar after his untimely demise. In her younger days, her and her husband took over the Friendly Arm by defeating the powerless Priest of Bhaal who resided there.

Gerard Travenhurst

Gerard Travenhurst normally maintains an open mansion with a small library in Beregost. However, due to the trouble with bandits of late, he has resorted to hiring armed guards to protect his home.

Golin Vend

Golin Vend is possibly a friend of Will Scarlet O’Hara, who returned his magical ring to him.


Gurke has apparently become the laughing stock of the Jovial Juggler after he had his cloak stolen from him by a group of tasloi in the Cloakwood Forest.


Gyllian offered Aegon a drink in the Friendly Arm Inn. She was drunk, however, and after a bit of nonsensical conversation, she wandered off and forgot to buy the drink.


He may not be the best bard. He may not even be a bard. But you will find him bellowing out his songs at the Friendly Arm Inn.


Hull is a Watcher that tends to forget his weapon after drinking all night. Even though Aegon helps him out, he tends to treat him with little respect.


Joia was ambushed and robbed by hobgoblin bandits near the Friendly Arm Inn. She asked Aegon’s party to hunt them down and return her flamedance ring. They did so, clearing the area around the Inn of hobgoblins in the process.


Fighting Tutor
Jondalar trained Aegon in the art of combat and was a regular sparring partner to him.


Bar Patron
Jopi talked to Aegon about the bandit raids around the Sword Coast, and explained how it was iron that they were after.


Carl is one of the guards protecting the Travenhurst Mansion in Beregost.

Karaea Harfurthock

Jam Enthusiast
Karaea is a svirfneblin that sells jams, bread, and boots outside of the Nashkel Shop after following her brother Tomthal to the surface. She enjoys gooseberries and loves to bake them into pies.


Karan was another of Aegon’s tutors in Candlekeep.


Karp is a farmer in Nashkel who is worried about this year’s crop, since the land is too dry to support any growth.

Kelddath Ormlyr

Most Radiant High Priest of Lathander
Kelddath runs the Song of the Morning Temple. He offered sanctuary to Sirene when she showed up wounded at the temple, and doesn’t seem to be concerned about clean floors.


Kolssed was the first traveller that Aegon and Imoen met on the road. He gave them the much needed directions to the Friendly Arm Inn, alongside some advice on how to travel safely in numbers.

Kurtz Goldenaxe

Kurtz Goldenaxe has set up behind the Temple of Wisdom at the Friendly Arm Inn. Here he crafts and sells many powerful armours.


Lachluger is the “bard” that resides in the Red Sheaf. He is skilled at getting drunk and belching out popular songs.


Landrin is staying in the Friendly Arm Inn to avoid the spider infestation in her home in Beregost. She asked Aegon’s Troupe to help deal with the spiders and get some items belonging to her husband. Aegon and his troupe, though not realising they were GIANT spiders, killed them all and returned Landrin’s belongings to her.

Lord Foreshadow

Foreshadow hails from Waterdeep, but enjoys the culture and extravagance of Neverwinter. He gave Aegon the Ring of Human Influence, telling him it comes from a secret benefactor and that he will soon fall in love with one of his companions.


Mithril Merchant
Magnus sells mithril weapons and armour from a plaza in the south of Beregost.


Maltz is a seller of powerful weapons based in the Friendly Arm Inn’s grounds.


After Marl’s son became an adventurer and died, Marl would spend his days in the Friendly Arm Inn getting drunk and accosting adventurers. Aegon managed to talk him down and see things in a different light.


Mirianne is worried about her husband, Roe. He travelled to Amn and she hasn’t heard from him for a long time. With the troubles in the region, she has asked Aegon and Gavin to keep an eye out for any signs of him as they travel south.

Mr. Colquetle

Mr. Colquetle is awaiting news of his son and wife, who have been travelling for some time. He is concerned his decision to allow them to travel during troubling times wasn’t the right one.

Aegon’s troupe found the corpses of a family in a Hobgoblin camp north of Nashkel. Among them they had an amulet bearing the insignia of the Colquetles.


Nalin is the head priest at the Temple of Helm in Nashkel. He has asked that the murderous Commander Brage can be returned him, so he can be atoned for his crimes, rather than punished.

He also worries for two spirits who are unable to find peace and thus haunt Nashkel at night.


Nessie is a good friend of Bentley and Gellana, and told the story of how they came to own the Friendly Arm Inn.


Noober has a lot of annoying questions and continues to pester people he is excited to see, even if he gets no response from them.


Obe is an illusionist who would conjure up challenges to help Aegon train his team combat skills.

Old Man

Nosey Traveller
This old man approached Aegon’s party to inquire how they were doing and to offer advice. He seemed to know a bit too much, including Imoen’s name.


Bounty Collector
Oublek pays out for bounties on criminals nearby Nashkel. He almost mistook Aegon for a bounty hunter called Greywolf.

Oogie Wisham

Paranoid Schizophrenic
Oogie seems to have a fear of paladins in general. However, after indulging his paranoia for a while, Aegon worked out that he is just crazy.


Parda is a friend of Gorion and Aegon’s, who gave Aegon some comfort after he was forced to kill a deadly assassin.


Runty Guy
Perdue had his short sword stolen by a foul-breathed gnoll. He has offered 50 gold to Aegon’s Troupe if they wipe the gnoll’s arse with the sword.


Absent-minded bookworm
Phlydia is often misplacing books around the keep and losing track of them. Thankfully Aegon and his friends are usually able to find and recover the books for her.

In her latest book she found a letter from Camryn to Tamah and suggested Aegon talk to Camryn about his love story.


Portalbendarwinden gave a mysterious fortune to Aegon after an angry rant by the elf. He told Aegon that his fate was undecided, though it is unclear if Portalbendarwinden was serious or just messing with Aegon’s head.

Raleo Windspear

Raleo Windspear is knowledgeable of the town of Beregost and its people, and loves to share stories of the present goings-on.



Rashel is a priestess who resides in the Song of the Morning Temple. She enjoys talking about the temple and the history of Beregost.

Ratava Artysm

Absolutely not an Avatar of Mystra
Ratava resides in the temple at the Friendly Arm Inn, where she sells powerful magic items, spells, and potions.


Gnome Adventurer
Recorder asked for Aegon’s help finding Sir Mark so they could start their expedition of Ulcaster. They have since left the Keep to start their travels.


Ratcatcher General
Reevor maintains the warehouses in Candlekeep, which mainly involved getting Aegon to kill a lot of rats.


Samantha lives in the manor house to the north east of Nashkel. She seems to be impressed by adventurers.

Seini Korasu

Kara-Tur Traveller
One of three travellers from Kara-Tur, their ship was wrecked on the coast after being lured in by monsters charming them to the shore. He has asked Aegon to help recover a “Bag of Red” from the shipwreck, though he warns his former crew may still be there to defend the ship.


Fruit Picker
This boy was encountered by Aegon picking berries on the northern side of the Trade Way. Drake was concerned that his parents didn’t know where he was, since the roads are dangerous these days.

Sintara Al-Mustafa

Sintara Al-Mustafa of Calimport has set up behind the Temple of Wisdom in the Friendly Arm Inn, where he sells magical items including potions and scrolls.

Spen Gil’meh

Spen is a man who would rather be left to read stories than to tell them. Regardless, he told Aegon of the Firewine Bridge ruins near Gullykin after a sarcastic insult failed to land.


Apprentice Blacksmith
Surrey used to work for Taerom Fuiruim as a blacksmith in Beregost, but left due to the iron crisis making it hard to turn a profit.

Taerom Fuiruim

Taerom runs the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost. He is a master blacksmith, however the quality of the materials he’s been working with are suffering due to the Iron Crisis.


Taris is waiting outside the Nashkel Inn, looking for a man about this wide and this tall.


Tethtoril is a friend of Firebead Elvenhair who helps him study magic when he Firebead visits Candlekeep. Aegon would often run errands for him.

Thorengrim Hammerfist

Weapons Merchant
Thorengrim resides in the Friendly Arm Inn, where he sells magical weapons, and upgrades weapons adventurers may already possess.

Town Crier

Town Crier
The town crier in Beregost keeps people informed of the latest news and announcements from Kelddath Ormlyr.


Unshey had her belt stolen by an ogre with a weird fetish. Aegon and his party hunted the ogre down and returned it to her.


Travel Blogger
Volo is a famous travel writer who has authored many works describing Faerun and it’s history. Aegon met him in the Belching Dragon in Nashkel where he told the tragic tale of Commander Brage.


Winthrop owns and runs the Candlekeep Inn, the place were people stay during their visit to the great library. He would play many pranks on Aegon. Correction. He would play one prank many times. He also helped fence anything Aegon got his hands on during his chores.


While stealing from marks in the Burning Wizard, Zhurlong complains about the boots of stealth that were stolen from him by a group of hobgoblins.