Let’s Play: Baldur’s Gate

I play a heavily modded version of the Baldur’s Gate Trilogy to see how crazy things get.

A New Direction for the Troupe

After losing Neera exploring Adoy’s Enclave, Aegon returned to Beregost to recruit some old friends. Gavin, Emily and Braegar agree to travel with him again. They stand now, outside the Thunderhammer Smithy, ready to discuss their next steps.

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The Goblins of Adoy’s Enclave

At the request of Neera, Aegon’s troupe has travelled to Adoy’s Enclave seeking the aged wild mage that lives there. Neera hopes he can help her gain more control over her wild magic.

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Cacophony at the Carnival

Aegon and troupe saved another so-called ‘witch’ and a petrified priest from their captors at the Nashkel Carnival. They then made some new friends who are seeking adventure. Aegon and his troupe now continue to explore the various performances and entertainments at the festival.

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Window Shopping at the Carnival

On their first visit to the Nashkel Carnival, Neera asks for Aegon’s help to track down the experience wild mage, Adoy. The party encounters the elf, Aerie, whose mentor is being held hostage by a mage known as Zordral. They step inside his tent, not knowing what to expect.

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Moving on to the Next Life

We have cleared out the Gnoll Stronghold, but we must return one last time. Aaron waits for us there for a ring that was taken to him by his captors. After talking to one of the men who hurt Vienxay, we leave Nashkel for another journey to the west.

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Bridge to the Gnoll Stronghold

Our journey to the Gnoll Stronghold has been fraught with hordes of xvarts and ogres. We recently came across the soul of Marina, who confirmed her fiancé, Aaron was taken to the Gnoll Stronghold. Our mission now is to rescue both Aaron and the witch, Dynaheir.

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Ghosts and Xvarts

13 Mirtul 1368

The Gnolls have a stronghold to the west of Nashkel where they are holding captives, including Minsc’s witch, Dynaheir. We have prepared ourselves for an expedition, however there is still one more thing to do before we leave.

We make our way to Nashkel’s south bridge.

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