Sometimes I talk about stuff other people have made.


What Makes a Great Rivalry?

X-Men ’97 is finally over and what a ride it was. Every character got their own arc and a chance to shine as the series went on. I’ve always found the rivalry between Xavier and Magneto to be the core of the X-Men story.

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Discovery Gets the Mystery Right

The final series of Discovery is airing right now. I’ve always had an issue with the storytelling in certain nuTrek series. I’ve talked a lot about this with Picard, but Discovery, while a better series, has had the same mystery box since the beginning.

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Removing the Sexism IS the Misstep

Before the live action Avatar series came out, Kiawentiio (Katara) and Ian Ousley (Sokka) commented in an interview that Sokka’s sexism wouldn’t be present in the series. They said that moments were he made sexist comments were ‘iffy’ and wouldn’t work in the live action reimagining.

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