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A Bugfix and a Day/Night Cycle

Last week I released version 4 of Bok’s Banging Butterflies, introducing flower pollination and improved AI for butterflies. With that done, it’s time to start focusing on the next feature I want to introduce. Moths will be main feature for Bok’s Banging Butterflies v5.0.0.

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Pollinating Flowers with AI

This week I introduced a new system to the Butterfly mod. Since butterflies like to pollinate flowers in real life, I’ve added a system where they can do the same in Minecraft. A lot of thought went into this system so it doesn’t unbalance the game too much.

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Generating More Butterfly Data

This week I focused on improving data generation for the mod. This doesn’t add any new features to the mod, however it does mean that adding new features to the mod will be much easier in the future. And being able to iterate new features faster is always a bonus.

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Adding the Peacock Butterfly

I plan to add more butterflies in the future, so I wanted to gauge how much work that would be. This can also serve as a step-by-step to adding new butterfly species to the mod. So I’m adding a 17th variant: the Peacock Butterfly.

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