Month: March 2024

Tragedy of the Drunken Priest

Aegon and company successfully infiltrated the bandit camp. They have been given the responsibility of standing guard over Tazok’s tent. It’s almost time to take out the bandit leaders for good, but things aren’t going to be so easy, if they’re even possible at all.

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Felix the Reaper: Dancer of Death

This week I play a challenging romantic comedy about death. A puzzle game where you are a dancing reaper, ensuring that the right people die, and die in the right way. With narration by the great Patrick Stewart, what’s not to like.

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Removing the Sexism IS the Misstep

Before the live action Avatar series came out, Kiawentiio (Katara) and Ian Ousley (Sokka) commented in an interview that Sokka’s sexism wouldn’t be present in the series. They said that moments were he made sexist comments were ‘iffy’ and wouldn’t work in the live action reimagining.

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