Minecraft Modding

Tutorials on how to create new things in Minecraft


Naturally Spawning Caterpillars

Originally the butterfly mod was supposed to be a simple mod that adds butterflies to the world. It’s growing a little beyond that, with the butterflies actually having a complete life cycle. Unfortunately it’s actually pretty rare that a player will stumble upon a caterpillar right now.

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Small Eggs and Better Buckeyes

I’ve talked about how details matter before. So this week I’ve focused on a couple of things that have been bugging me for a while now. These aren’t major features, but they do help to make the mod feel like it’s been crafted by someone who cares.

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Books With Butterflies In Them

I’ve finished the last feature and released version 2 of the mod. The last feature I implemented was a book where you can store butterflies and gain information about them. The book has dynamically generated content, depending on which butterflies you store inside it.

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Updating the Butterfly Stats

I’ve been playing a game with the mod installed for a while now, and there are a few things I want to improve upon. First, I wanted to tweak the butterflies a bit to add some extra variety. Second, I’ve noticed that butterflies tend to grow in population exponentially.

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It’s All About the Little Things

It’s always worth taking some time to focus on the details. Small things can make a huge difference to a mod. I spent some time this week working on small features and little improvements. In the long run, these things will make a huge difference.

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