Aegon’s Troupe


Elf / Level 4 Feywarden of Corellon/Level 3 Mage
Aegon is an orphan raised by the sage Gorion in Candlekeep. Growing up in a library, he has developed a passion for reading.

Aegon learned the ways of the Weave from his stepfather, and the ways of the elves by visitors to Candlekeep. He has devoted himself as a Feywalker to Corellon Larethian.

Aegon’s foster father Gorion took him away from the keep when he came of age. On the first night he was killed protecting Aegon, by an armoured figure with glowing eyes.

Aegon set out to find friends of Gorion at the Friendly Arm Inn. There he met Khalid and Jaheira who joined him on his quest. He also saved the rakshasa, Verr’Sza, who in return vowed to help Aegon get his vengeance.

Aegon became the Deliverer of Letters after promising to fulfil Bartleby Quickfoot’s dying wish.

He travelled to Nashkel where he met Minsc and Edwin, who both wanted to go to the Gnoll Stronghold for their own reasons. At the Gnoll Stronghold he was able to defeat powerful assassins that had been sent after him after seeing a vision of them murdering him. He then rescued both Aaron and Dynaheir.

Continuing to be plagued by nightmares and visions of his death, Aegon believes they may be gifts from the leader of the Seldarine.

He attempted to take Neera to Adoy’s Enclave so she could learn how to better control her magic, only for her to be torn apart by goblins that had taken residence there.

He helped Gavin to hunt Bassilus the Murderer and to slay the mad mage Mutamin. He helped Dorn get his revenge against Kryll the Necromancer.

He investigated the Nashkel Mines, finding the Half-Orc Mulahey to be commanding the kobolds to poison the ore. He now seeks Tazok and Tranzig, from whom Mulahey was receiving orders.


Cat / Familiar
The cat is Aegon’s magical familiar. Unlike other cats, Cat is sentient and able to help Aegon in various ways. Their lives are magically bonded – if one dies, so does the other.

As it turns out, Cat is pretty vicious. He has already tallied up a lot of kills against people attacking Aegon’s Troupe. After spending a not-inconsiderable amount of time in Aegon’s backpack, he is glad to be out and exploring again.


Half-Elf / Level 5 Charlatan

Aegon found Rose running a grift on a drunk in the Burning Wizard. With Aegon’s help she was successful, and shared some of the profit with him. She asked Aegon if she could join him for a while, and he agreed.

She dreams of one day becoming an actress.

She stole Agernon’s cloak in Feldepost’s Inn, and apparently looks fantastic wearing it. She helped deal with Landrin’s GIANT spider problem.

She left the Troupe for a while, but rejoined after Braegar’s death, seeking adventure and fortune.

She helped Dorn get his revenge against Kryll the Necromancer. She helped Gavin hunt and slay the mad mage Mutamin. She helped stop Mulahey and the kobolds sabotaging the Nashkel Mines. She helped to infiltrate the Bandit Camp.

Lately, she has started to miss her family in Athkatla.


Ooze / Level 4 Ghuanadan

The Troupe met Mur’Neth beneath the Nashkel Mines. They had been sent by his god, Ghuanadar, to investigate the poisoning of the ore in the mines. The poison had been killing various slimes, oozes, and moulds, which upset the deity greatly.

They joined the Troupe as they also wanted to find who was poisoning the ore. They went on to help stop Mulahey and the kobolds sabotaging the Nashkel Mines. They helped to infiltrate the Bandit Camp.

He has a creepy obsession with Finch that is making the rest of the Troupe uncomfortable.


Elf / Level 4 Enchanter

He has a pessimistic outlook on everything, something he expresses frequently while pondering the meaning of life. Despite this he carries a Moonblade, a sword that is known to only choose those with an heroic nature. He is knowledgeable about Elven history, and often discusses it with Aegon.

The Troupe rescued Xan from captivity beneath the Nashkel Mines, where he was being held by Mulahey’s kobold minions. He helped to defeat his former captor and end the sabotage of the Nashkel Mines. He helped to infiltrate the Bandit Camp.


Drow / Level 4 Nightcloak of Shar

Aegon came across Viconia in Peldvale while searching for the bandit camp. Though she was being hunted by the Flaming Fist, the Troupe protected her and she agreed to join them in their hunt for the bandits. She then helped to infiltrate the Bandit Camp.

She has no love for the light of the Sun, and prefers to travel by night.


Human / Gallant (Level 1 Mage / Level 1 Fighter)

Fabio was playing music at the Tavern of the West Wind in Restenford when Rose and the troupe encountered him. He seemed to know the area and a little of the troubles that plagued it. He agreed to help the troupe in the hopes of meeting more exotic women.