Aegon’s Troupe


Elf / Level 2 Feywarden of Corellon/Level 2 Mage
Aegon is an orphan raised by the sage Gorion in Candlekeep. Growing up in a library, he has developed a passion for reading.

Aegon learned the ways of the Weave from his stepfather, and the ways of the elves by visitors to Candlekeep. He has devoted himself as a Feywalker to Corellon Larethian.

Aegon’s foster father Gorion took him away from the keep when he came of age. On the first night he was killed protecting Aegon, by an armoured figure with glowing eyes.

Aegon set out to find friends of Gorion at the Friendly Arm Inn. There he met Khalid and Jaheira who joined him on his quest. He also saved the rakshasa, Verr’Sza, who in return vowed to help Aegon get his vengeance.

Aegon became the Deliverer of Letters after promising to fulfil Bartleby Quickfoot’s dying wish.

He travelled to Nashkel where he met Minsc and Edwin, who both wanted to go to the Gnoll Stronghold for their own reasons. At the Gnoll Stronghold he was able to defeat powerful assassins that had been sent after him after seeing a vision of them murdering him. He then rescued both Aaron and Dynaheir.

He attempted to take Neera to Adoy’s Enclave so she could learn how to better control her magic, only for her to be torn apart by goblins that had taken residence there.


Cat / Familiar
The cat is Aegon’s magical familiar. Unlike other cats, Cat is sentient and able to help Aegon in various ways. Their lives are magically bonded – if one dies, so does the other.

As it turns out, Cat is pretty vicious. He has already tallied up a lot of kills against people attacking Aegon’s Troupe.


Human / Gallant (Level 1 Mage / Level 1 Fighter)
After Aegon delivered a letter to him, Garrick introduced the party to Silke. After she was killed, he realised the error of his ways and joined Aegon’s Troupe. He helped Imoen, who seems to have taken a strong liking to him, to figure out how to use the book she conjured up.

He’s a little unsure of his singing, though his songs still inspire the party. Almost everyone compliments his singing and his songs. Braegar is the exception, and doesn’t think much of his “caterwauling”, however.

He left for a while to seek out his red lady. He seemed embarrassed when asked about it later, but was holding onto a bloodstone amulet that seemed important to him.


Human / Level 1 Priest of Lathander
Gavin asked to join Aegon’s party outside the temple in Beregost. Aegon accepted his invitation.

Originally from Ulgoth’s Beard, Gavin joined the Lathander priesthood at 12 years old, following in his mother’s beliefs. He has been a full Dawnbringer for 9 years now. During that time his lover had an illegitimate daughter who he took in as his own. He now travels in the hopes of making enough money to provide her with an education.

Gavin seems to know everyone in Beregost, as he called it home for many years. He is not a strong believer in fate. However, Gavin was killed by the man of a house that Aegon’s troupe had entered without permission.

Deaths: 1


Half-Elf / Level 1 Archer
Emily’s father is on his last legs, and his responsibilities are to be passed on to one of his children. Neither her nor her brother are considered worthy since she is rumoured to be bastard-born, and her brother is a “selfish entitled brat”. She has left to go travelling for a while and avoid the problems at home.

Emily wishes to eventually travel to Baldur’s Gate to find her birth mother, who is an elf that her father loved before he married. She has traded her skills as an archer for Aegon’s company travelling to Baldur’s Gate at some point in the future.


Dwarf / Level 1 Dwarven Smith
Braegar is a new visitor to Candlekeep who became frustrated with Adam, his errand boy, disappearing. Aegon volunteered to help find him and recover the book he is studying. After Aegon returned the book to him, he invited Aegon to visit him in Beregost over a drink.

Later Aegon followed up and visited him in the Thunderhammer Smithy. Frustrated with the quality of the ore he was working with, Aegon offered to take him to the Nashkel Mines so he could try and find better material to work with.

He killed Karlat, a dwarf that tried to assassinate Aegon in Beregost.


Half-Orc / Level 3 Blackguard
Dorn is a rather abrasive Half-Orc whom Aegon found drinking in the Friendly Arm Inn. After mistaking Aegon for a server, they parted on unfriendly terms.

Later he would save Aegon’s Troupe from a group of bandits. He used to be part of their crew, before they betrayed him and had him take the fall for their crimes. He hopes to one day find the other two of his former friends and take revenge.