Let’s Play: Baldur’s Gate

(With a shed ton of mods)

Welcome to yet another Let’s Play of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Trilogy! Inspired by the classic Let’s Play by Vorgen, I’m going to do an updated Let’s Play using the Enhanced Edition Trilogy and lots of mods.


Prologue: Ground Rules
Introduction to the base rules I’m setting myself for running this playthrough.

Chapter 0: Aegon
Aegon starts writing his diary.


2 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 1: Socialising at Winthrop’s
Aegon prepares for an unexpected journey and gets some last-minute chores.

Chapter 2: Familiar Faces
Aegon meets his familiar and starts to think about his legend.

Chapter 3: Errand Boy
Aegon spends his morning completing as many chores as he can.

Chapter 4: Inner Grounds
Aegon finishes his chores and says goodbye to his childhood friend.

Road to the Friendly Arm

Chapter 5: Leaving the Keep
Aegon starts his adventuring life and meets people on the road.

3 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 6: Travellers’ Tales
Aegon’s troupe makes the journey to the Friendly Arm Inn.

Friendly Arm Inn

4 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 7: Friendly Arm Inn
Aegon and his troupe get a room, then Aegon gets a room.

Chapter 8: Khalid and Jaheira and
Aegon meets with some old friends and gets to know people around the Inn.

Chapter 9: The Statue
Aegon delivers a statue to a stone circle.

5 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 10: Ogre Hunt
Aegon hunts a belt-loving ogre.


7 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 11: Aegon Ratslayer, Deliverer of Letters
Aegon takes on the role of postman.

8 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 12: Making Friends
Aegon starts meeting the people of Beregost.

Chapter 13: A Talkative Aura
Aegon and Aura have some long conversations.

Chapter 14: Friends from the Keep
Aegon catches up with people who have visited Candlekeep before.

Chapter 15: Song of the Morning
Gavin shows Aegon around the Temple in Beregost.

Chapter 16: Gavin’s Block
Gavin catches up with the many people he knows in Beregost.

Chapter 17: Noses in Books
Aegon discovers a small library in Beregost.

Chapter 18: Liquid Man
Aegon helps a man who has lost his shape, then takes things a bit too far…

Chapter 19: Family Troubles
Aegon deals with families and troubles in Beregost.

Chapter 20: Jovial Juggler
Aegon visits the last inn in Beregost and deals with a spider problem.

Trade Way

9 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 21: Back on the Road
Aegon leaves Beregost and starts his journey south toward Nashkel.

12 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 22: Hobgoblin Camp
Aegon’s troupe introduce the local hobgoblins to their weapons.


12 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 23: Nashkel
Aegon’s Troupe finally arrives in Nashkel.

Chapter 24: Miniature Giant Space Hamsters
Aegon meets a berserker and a rodent that may not be all he seems.

Chapter 25: Accusations
Aegon is accused of killing a valuable pet and meets an annoying Red Wizard.

Journey to the West

13 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 26: Ghosts and Xvarts
Aegon and company begin their travel west to find the Gnoll Stronghold.

16 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 27: Spirits of the Cloud Peaks
Aegon and company meet the spiritual side of the Cloud Peak Mountains.

Gnoll Stronghold

20 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 28: Bridge to the Gnoll Stronghold
Aegon and company attempt to cross the bridge leading to the Gnoll Stronghold.

21 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 29: Death, Rebirth, and Aaron
After his apparent death, Aaron finds himself back on the bridge to the Gnoll Stronghold.

27 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 30: Saving the Witch, Dynaheir
Aegon and his troupe continue their assault on the Gnoll Stronghold to rescue it’s other captive.


29 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 31: Moving on to the Next Life
Aegon and his troupe decide to have fun at the Carnival.

3 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 32: Window Shopping at the Carnival
Aegon meets some interesting people at the Nashkel Carnival.

Chapter 33: Cacophony at the Carnival
Aegon encounter some unexpected company at the Nashkel Carnival.

Adoy’s Enclave

6 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 34: The Goblin’s of Adoy’s Enclave
Aegon and Neera make their way deeper into the Goblin Cave.

Nashkel Mines

8 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 35: A New Direction for the Troupe
Aegon, Braegar and company travel to the Nashkel Mines.


Appendix I: Aegon’s Troupe
The people who accompany Aegon on his journey.

Appendix II: Dramatis Personae
Interesting people Aegon has met.

Appendix III: Obituaries
Memoirs of those no longer with us.

Dorthon’s Short Lived and Buggy Quest

Chapter 0: Introducing Dorthon
We introduce our protagonist!


2 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 1: Candlekeep Inn
Dorthon visits the Candlekeep Inn and meets with the patrons.

Chapter 2: Candlekeep
Dorthon does some chores in Candlekeep while dodging some assassins.

Chapter 3: Sad Tales
Dorthon learns some sad stories about people in the Keep.

Chapter 4: Saying Goodbye
Dorthon says goodbye before leaving on his journey.

Road to the Friendly Arm Inn

3 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 5: On the Road
Dorthon meets people on the road and fights his way back to his father.

Chapter 6: Lion’s Way
Dorthon explores the wilderness and learns of the dangers out in the real world.

4 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 7: Coast Way
Dorthon travels the Coast Way to the Friendly Arm Inn.

Friendly Arm Inn

4 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 8: Friendly Arm Inn
Dorthon meets the patrons of the Friendly Arm Inn and has a first-time encounter…

Chapter 9: New Old Friends
Dorthon finds some old friends that become new friends.

Chapter 10: Ring Hunters
Dorthon’s party recovers a ring and makes a furry friend.

5 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 11: Blood, Belts, and Bandits
Revenge is taken, and belts are retrieved.