Let’s Play: Baldur’s Gate

(With a shed ton of mods)

Welcome to yet another Let’s Play of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Trilogy! Inspired by the classic Let’s Play by Vorgen, I’m going to do an updated Let’s Play using the Enhanced Edition Trilogy and lots of mods.


Prologue: Ground Rules
Introduction to the base rules I’m setting myself for running this playthrough.

Chapter 0: Aegon
Okay, let’s try this again. I’ve gone back and reinstalled EET from scratch with a shed-ton of mods. I’ve had a quick playthrough and rushed to both the Friendly Arm Inn and Beregost. It seems to be a lot more stable this time so hopefully the run won’t die too quickly.


2 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 1: Socialising at Winthrop’s
Today is an unusual day. Aegon’s father has uncharacteristically interrupted his chores. He told him to prepare for a journey: they are leaving Candlekeep and Aegon has mixed feelings about it.

Chapter 2: Familiar Faces
Aegon has been meaning to summon a familiar for some time now. It feels right to do it now. One more thing to prepare for his father’s journey.

Chapter 3: Errand Boy
Aegon heads toward the main gate to find Fuller and ask about Dreppin’s antidote. On his way he bumps into Jondalar, a combat trainer in the Keep.

Chapter 4: Inner Grounds
As Aegon enters the Inner Grounds he is approached by Imoen, an errand girl at the Keep, and a ward of Winthrop.

Road to the Friendly Arm

Chapter 5: Leaving the Keep
It is time for Aegon to go to see his father at the Central Keep. Gorion carries little with him for the journey – just his quarterstaff and a pack with some food.

3 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 6: Travellers’ Tales
As Aegon and his Troupe continue along the road he tries to get to know hisnew companions.

Friendly Arm Inn

4 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 7: Friendly Arm Inn
Aegon and his Troupe climb the stairs to the Friendly Arm Inn, but their way is blocked by a robed man wielding a quarterstaff.

Chapter 8: Khalid and Jaheira and
As the Troupe returns to the bar, Aegon decides to talk with his childhood friend for a bit.

Chapter 9: The Statue
Aegon’s Troupe returns to the third floor of the Inn. to find Cronius still in his room with the “statue”.

5 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 10: Ogre Hunt
The Troupe follows the path back to Coast Way, where Jaheira spots something shiny in a rock near the path.


7 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 11: Aegon Ratslayer, Deliverer of Letters
After waking, Aegon takes a closer look at the letters inside Bartleby’s case. He happens upon a letter that is addressed to someone in the Friendly Arm. His legend may well be as the Deliverer of Letters after all!

8 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 12: Making Friends
Aegon has been searching for a bard known as Garrick so he can deliver one of Bartleby’s letters to him. The letter is addressed to the Burning Wizard in Beregost. Will Scarlet O’Hara, the Troupe’s local guide, has shown them the way to the inn, and they are fortunate to find the man we are looking for outside.

Chapter 13: A Talkative Aura
Seeking to deliver another of Bartleby’s letters, Aegon enters the home of Firebead. Inside he finds him with his nose in a book. It takes a second before he realises he has company, and he looks up at Aegon.

Chapter 14: Friends from the Keep
Across from Firebead’s home is Feldepost’s Inn. Firebead wanted a copy of “The History of the Fateful Coin”, which he said should be for sale at the inn. The Troupe makes their way inside.

Chapter 15: Song of the Morning
After meeting Gavin at the Temple in Beregost, he agrees to take the Troupe to Dawn Priest Blaise so Aegon can deliver Sister Sapientia’s letter. He leads them to the vestibule on the west side of the temple.

Chapter 16: Gavin’s Block
The Troupe finds themselves in Gavin’s old home, which has a new occupant. Emily distracts everyone with a story about her necklace while Aura slips into the back room.

Chapter 17: Noses in Books
The Troupe finds themselves in the Burning Wizard where they helped Rose get out of some trouble with one of the patrons. It turns out she had stolen his money, but she was willing to share. Since they make a good team, Rose and the Troupe have decided to travel together.

Chapter 18: Liquid Man
A woman named Alanna has asked the Troupe for help. It turns out her friend has been morphed into a slime, and she doesn’t know what to do. The only clue is an empty bottle signed by someone known as “T”. Aegon takes a look at the slime that used to be Eltolth.

Chapter 19: Family Troubles
The Troupe comes across a girl who is upset her parents are fighting. She seems scared to go into her own home, so they decide to go inside and see if they can help resolve their argument. Inside the Troupe meets her mother.

Chapter 20: Jovial Juggler
The Troupe has explored most of the homes in Beregost now. They make their way to the south of the town to find the Jovial Juggler, the only inn they haven’t visited. Outside they come across a scene that could be from a play.

Trade Way

9 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 21: Back on the Road
The Troupe travels for half a day back to the Friendly Arm Inn without incident. Inside they meet some old friends, including Xzar and Montaron.

12 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 22: Hobgoblin Camp
After sixteen uneventful hours of travelling, the Troupe arrives at the southern end of the Trade Way. They’re not far from Nashkel now, but still remain alert. The road has been full of hobgoblins and ogre-kin on the journey thus far.


12 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 23: Nashkel
After clearing out as many hobgoblins as they can from the Trade Way, the Troupe travels to Nashkel on the outskirts of Amn. Verr’Sza reverts himself back to human form. Drake is happy to be closer to home once again.

Chapter 24: Miniature Giant Space Hamsters
In Nashkel the Troupe has learned of the many troubles in the area: that Brage, the captain of the guard has become a fugitive for murdering his family; the mines are producing inferior ore (and may be haunted by demons); and that there are hauntings afoot in the town.

Chapter 25: Accusations
After saving a child from a baby wyvern in Nashkel, the Troupe tries to find him to make sure he was still alive. Their search was fruitless, until they return to Nashkel’s main street and find the kid talking to a few local soldiers.

Journey to the West

13 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 26: Ghosts and Xvarts
The Gnolls have a stronghold to the west of Nashkel where they are holding captives, including Minsc’s witch, Dynaheir. The Troupe has prepared for an expedition, however there is still one more thing to do before they leave.

16 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 27: Spirits of the Cloud Peaks
The Troupe leaves the cave and heads northward, where they encounter a creature that resembles a female elf with green skin and hair. She appears to be a Dryad, a forest spirit Aegon has only read about in books. Her clothes are woven out of leaves, and vines wrap around her body.

Gnoll Stronghold

20 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 28: Bridge to the Gnoll Stronghold
The Troupe’s journey to the Gnoll Stronghold has been fraught with hordes of xvarts and ogres. They recently came across the soul of Marina, who confirmed her fiancé, Aaron was taken to the Gnoll Stronghold. Their mission now is to rescue both Aaron and the witch, Dynaheir.

21 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 29: Death, Rebirth, and Aaron
What was that? Am I dead? I remember hitting the rocks below the bridge and then.
I am back on the bridge. Everyone is still alive. Imoen is approaching us. She tells us there is a mage and a dwarf warrior waiting in ambush.
Didn’t do this I already?

27 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 30: Saving the Witch, Dynaheir
The Troupe rescued Aaron from the Gnoll Stronghold, but he has asked them to find a ring that was stolen from him by one of his gnoll captors. The Troupe also needs to find Minsc’s witch, Dynaheir. Edwin believes she is dangerous, but they shall see the truth soon enough.


29 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 31: Moving on to the Next Life
Aegon’s Troupe has cleared out the Gnoll Stronghold, but they must return one last time. Aaron waits for a ring that was taken from him by his captors. After talking to one of the men who hurt Vienxay, the Troupe leaves Nashkel for another journey to the west.

3 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 32: Window Shopping at the Carnival
On their first visit to the Nashkel Carnival, Neera asks for Aegon’s help to track down the experience wild mage, Adoy. The party encounters the elf, Aerie, whose mentor is being held hostage by a mage known as Zordral. They step inside his tent, not knowing what to expect.

Chapter 33: Cacophony at the Carnival
Aegon and troupe saved another so-called ‘witch’ and a petrified priest from their captors at the Nashkel Carnival. They then made some new friends who are seeking adventure. Aegon and his troupe now continue to explore the various performances and entertainments at the festival.

Adoy’s Enclave

6 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 34: The Goblin’s of Adoy’s Enclave
At the request of Neera, Aegon’s troupe has travelled to Adoy’s Enclave seeking the aged wild mage that lives there. Neera hopes he can help her gain more control over her wild magic. Upon finding the area crawling with goblins, Aegon and his companions fight their way into the chief’s cave.

Wandering in the Wilderness

8 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 35: A New Direction for the Troupe
After losing Neera exploring Adoy’s Enclave, Aegon returned to Beregost to recruit some old friends. Gavin, Emily and Braegar agree to travel with him again. They stand now, outside the Thunderhammer Smithy, ready to discuss their next steps.

9 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 36: War of the Paladins (and a Chicken)
The Troupe helped Isra save Prism by defeating the bounty hunter Greywolf. Now they shall enter the Nashkel Mines in an attempt to solve the mining crisis. If they can solve this problem, then perhaps Braegar will finally calm his nerves.

Wizards of the Sword Coast

12 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 37: Thalantyr the Conjurer
The Troupe got distracted once again, after every paladin we met started trying to slay the half-orc, Dorn. Gavin was tasked by Lathander to hunt the murderer Bassilus so they set off to find him. During their search they came across a talking chicken who needed our help.

14 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 38: Hunting Bassilus the Murderer
After trying, yet failing, to help people suffering from various issues with polymorphism, Aegon and his Troupe return to Gavin’s quest. Lathander has asked that he hunt for the murderer, Bassilius, and bring him to justice.

18 Kythorn 1367

Chapter 39: Revenge of the Blackguard
Aegon’s Troupe helped Gavin in his mission to slay the murderer, Bassilus, who turned out to be an insane necromancer. Having ensured the area is safe from undead, Aegon and the others have agreed to help Dorn hunt Kryll, another necromancer who betrayed the half-orc in the past.

20 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 40: A Mission from Lathander
The troupe helped Dorn get his revenge on the necromancer, Kryll. After learning Simmeon gave the order to betray the Blackguard, Dorn wishes to travel to Baldur’s Gate once it is open so he can complete his quest for vengeance. The troupe has also taken in Samuel, an injured Flaming Fist deserter, and must pass through the Friendly Arm Inn to find a healer.

22 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 41: Mutamin and the Basilisks
Gavin has been given another task by Lathander. This time he is to hunt the mad mage Mutamin, who is attempting to tame basilisks. Equipped with special potions and scrolls, Aegon and the Troupe travels to the east of Beregost in search of another evil wizard.

Nashkel Mines

23 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 42: A Mad Wizard and his Friend
Gavin completed Lathander’s quest with the aid of the Troupe, slaying the mad mage Mutamin. During the mission they met Shar-Teel, a human warrior with a strong distaste for men. They now rest in Feldepost’s Inn, ready to decide their next quest.

24 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 43: Deep in the Nashkel Mines
Aegon’s Troupe have descended into the Nashkel Mines, learning that Kobolds have been poisoning the ore. Their motives, however, remain a mystery. The party goes deeper into the dark, hoping only to find answers in the mines.

25 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 44: Further Expeditions to the Mines
After an expedition into the Nashkel Mines, the Troupe was forced to retreat back to the surface to rest. Scores of traps and kobolds lay beneath the mines past the carts filled with poisoned ore. Now well rested, the Troupe enters the mines again, determined to discover why the kobolds are sabotaging the mines.

Chapter 45: Beneath the Nashkel Mines
The Troupe has descended into the Nashkel Mines and discovered that kobolds have been poisoning the ore. Beneath the mines they met a sentient ooze wanting to stop the poisons harming its kin. Together, they enter the tunnels built by the kobolds under the iron mine.

Chapter 46: Escape From the Nashkel Mines
After finding and defeating Mulahey, the half-orc behind the poisoning of the Nashel Mines, the Troupe now makes their way out of the mines. Hoping to find another way out, they make their way through the kobold tunnels that were used to infiltrate the mines.

Conspiracy in the Coast

26 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 47: Nashkel: A Hero’s Welcome
The Troupe have uncovered Mulahey’s plot and discovered it is linked to the bandits that plague the Sword Coast. Having left through the kobold tunnels beneath the mine, they make their way back to Nashke, to the Mayor, Berrun Ghastkill.

28 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 48: The Blacksmiths of Beregost
After clearing the Nashkel Mines of kobolds and discovering Mulahey, Aegon and his troupe make their way to Beregost. There they hope to find Tranzig, the man behind both the sabotage of the mines and the bandit troubles in the Coast.

Chapter 49: Bandit Leaders in Beregost
Aegon and his troupe have returned to Beregost, hunting those behind the sabotage of the Nashkel Mines. In their letters to Mulahey they showed a connection to the bandits on the Coast, suggesting a larger conspiracy is at play.

Chapter 50: The Serpents of Abbathor
Aegon and his friends continue their search for those responsible for the Nashkel Mine Conspiracy. Their search has taken them to Beregost, where they tracked down Tranzig. He was only a messenger for the Tazok, the man behind the conspiracy, so the Troupe must continue their search.

Bandit Camp

30 Kythorn 1368

Chapter 51: Hunt for the Bandit’s Camp
After learning the conspirators behind the Nashkel Mines are also behind the bandit raids, Aegon and his troupe travel to the wilderness to seek out their main camp. Having only a vague location as a clue, they hope to come across bandits travelling toward or back from the main roads.

Chapter 52: Poetry, History, and Banditry
Aegon and his troupe are wandering Peldvale, seeking out the bandits’ base of operations. Among the lakes of the forest they have encountered a small group of poets, and are now taking some time to enjoy their poetry.

1 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 53: Infiltrating the Bandit Camp
Drake and Aegon have managed to convince the bandits that they wish to join them. They have been given full run of the Bandit Camp, where many of the leaders are present.

Chapter 54: Tragedy of the Drunken Priest
Aegon and company successfully infiltrated the bandit camp. They have been given the responsibility of standing guard over Tazok’s tent. It’s almost time to take out the bandit leaders for good, but things aren’t going to be so easy, if they’re even possible at all.

Troubles in Restenford

2 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 55: Helping Pelltar the Wizard
After infiltrating the Bandit Camp, the troupe was ready to fight the leaders were it not for Aegon’s visions. They decided to retreat for the time being, hoping to catch Tazok when they return. On their way back Drake was killed during an ambush of ogre bandits.

Chapter 56: The Return of Aegon Ratslayer
After meeting a wizard called Pelltar and agreeing to help him, Rose and the Troupe were teleported to the town of Restenford, on a remote isle to the south east of the Sword Coast.

3 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 57: Baron Grellus of Restenford
Having been teleported to the town of Restenford by the wizard Pelltar, Aegon and the Troupe now seek to solve the troubles plaguing the town.

Chapter 58: Almax’ Shrine and Sir Billybob’s Farm
Still trapped in Restenford, Aegon and the Troupe still have only rumours as to the troubles plaguing the town.

Chapter 59: Expeditions to Bald Hill
The Troupe, still trapped in Restenford, continue to try and solve the troubles in the area. They have learned of bandits to the north of the nearby farmland have been blocking deliveries to the town.

5 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 60: The Temple of Restenford
Though they have slain the bandit leader in Bald Hill, the area is still infested with bandits. Rose leads the Troupe back to the hill so they can clear the area of any remaining bandits, and find the supplies Almax and his family are missing.

Chapter 61: Disorganising of the Gnolls
The Troupe leaves the town of Restenford for the first time. They make their way toward Tri-Top, the source of the gnoll attacks. Somehow their assaults on the towns defenses have become more frequent and better organised, and the Troupe has been tasked to find out why.

7 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 62: Searching for Ranger Martin
The Troupe, having cleared away the gnolls of Tri-Top, move on to their next quest. Almax has asked them to find the ranger Martin, who he lost contact with in the Reddy Forest.

Bone Hill Castle

8 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 63: Assault on Bone Hill Castle
During their travels in the Reddy Forest the Troupe heard rumours of hobgoblins setting up camp in a Bone Hill Castle. Worried that the hobgoblin fort may lead to more troubles for the town, the Troupe sets off to investigate the castle and see if the rumours are true.

10 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 64: Bone Hill Castle, Interior
The Troupe, investigating rumours of hobgoblins building an encampment, have made their way to Bone Hill Castle. After clearing the castle walls of hobgoblin warriors, they now make their way inside the castle to face what lies within.

12 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 65: The Magic User in the Middle
The Troupe continue their assault on Bone Hill Castle, which is overrun by highly organised hobgoblins. The Troupe seeks out the leader of the hobgoblins, hoping to learn what is behind the occupation of the castle and to ensure the nearby town of Restenford is safe.

Chapter 66: What Lies Beneath Bone Hill
The Troupe made it to the center of Bone Hill Castle and defeated the mage, Telvar, who was leading the hobgoblins. Though they may have thwarted an attack on Restenford, Telvar’s journal has revealed that a mysterious entity known only as “The Wraith” is giving the orders.

13 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 67: Caverns Beneath Bone Hill
The troupe have defeated the Wraith and its minions with Bone Hill Castle, preventing an invasion of Restenford. However, the motivations of the Wraith are still unclear. Perhaps they can find answers within the caverns they uncovered beneath the Castle.

Return to Restenford

Chapter 68: The Return to Restenford
The Troupe have escaped Bone Hill Castle via the tunnels underneath. They have defeated the Wraith and prevented an invasion of Restenford. But it came at the cost of Viconia’s life.

14 Flamerule 1368

Chapter 69: Return to Restenford (Again)
The Troupe has explored the island around Restenford and come across many troubles. Bandits to the north, ogre mages leading gnolls, hobgoblins led by a wraith. They’ve fought a lot, become stronger, and defeated these evils. Now it is time to return to Pelltar and return to the Sword Coast.

Dorthon’s Short Lived and Buggy Quest

An earlier attempt at a Let’s Play that fell flat on its face thanks to a bad installation. Once I got to Beregost the game repeatedly crashed and there was no way to fix it.

Chapter 0: Introducing Dorthon
We introduce our protagonist!


2 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 1: Candlekeep Inn
Dorthon visits the Candlekeep Inn and meets with the patrons.

Chapter 2: Candlekeep
Dorthon does some chores in Candlekeep while dodging some assassins.

Chapter 3: Sad Tales
Dorthon learns some sad stories about people in the Keep.

Chapter 4: Saying Goodbye
Dorthon says goodbye before leaving on his journey.

Road to the Friendly Arm Inn

3 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 5: On the Road
Dorthon meets people on the road and fights his way back to his father.

Chapter 6: Lion’s Way
Dorthon explores the wilderness and learns of the dangers out in the real world.

4 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 7: Coast Way
Dorthon travels the Coast Way to the Friendly Arm Inn.

Friendly Arm Inn

4 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 8: Friendly Arm Inn
Dorthon meets the patrons of the Friendly Arm Inn and has a first-time encounter…

Chapter 9: New Old Friends
Dorthon finds some old friends that become new friends.

Chapter 10: Ring Hunters
Dorthon’s party recovers a ring and makes a furry friend.

5 Mirtul 1368

Chapter 11: Blood, Belts, and Bandits
Revenge is taken, and belts are retrieved.