Month: June 2014

Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy

While in Guangzhou we visited the Huangpu Military Academy (黄埔军校 or Huángbù jūnxiào) on Chuangzhou Island. We were dropped off at the Huangpu docks where the academy gets its name. Then we paid a total of 2 RMB (around 19 pence) to get on board the boat to the island.

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Water Cube: Visiting the National Aquatics Center

After leaving the Bird’s Nest we wandered over to the National Aquatics Center (a.k.a. the Water Cube).  The events I focused on when making the official Olympics game were the Swimming and the Diving events, so I had spent more time working with the Water Cube than the other arenas.

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Bird’s Nest: Visiting the Beijing National Stadium

My very first job after university was as a Gameplay Programmer at Eurocom (which sadly closed down last year). The game I worked on was Beijing 2008 the official video game of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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