Bok McDonagh

I am Bok, a British-born expat living in China. I was born in Lancashire but identify as a 'plassie-Scouser'. I spent my youth growing up in Cumbria. Here I developed a great taste for exploration, climbing mountains and camping in the wilderness - a taste for travel that has defined my life.

A Bugfix and a Day/Night Cycle

Last week I released version 4 of Bok’s Banging Butterflies, introducing flower pollination and improved AI for butterflies. With that done, it’s time to start focusing on the next feature I want to introduce. Moths will be main feature for Bok’s Banging Butterflies v5.0.0.

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Caverns Beneath Bone Hill

The troupe have defeated the Wraith and its minions with Bone Hill Castle, preventing an invasion of Restenford. However, the motivations of the Wraith are still unclear. Perhaps they can find answers within the caverns they uncovered beneath the Castle.

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What Lies Beneath Bone Hill

The Troupe made it to the center of Bone Hill Castle and defeated the mage, Telvar, who was leading the hobgoblins. Though they may have thwarted an attack on Restenford, Telvar’s journal has revealed that a mysterious entity known only as “The Wraith” is giving the orders.

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