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The Absolute Insanity of IHRB

I’m still playing I Hate Running Backwards, and Holy Hell has this game exploded. Initially the game seemed kind of boring and unchallenging, but now that I’ve defeated a few bosses and unlocked some new features it’s providing a fun and challenging gameplay loop I can’t escape from.

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The Temple of Restenford

Though they have slain the bandit leader in Bald Hill, the area is still infested with bandits. Rose leads the Troupe back to the hill so they can clear the area of any remaining bandits, and find the supplies Almax and his family are missing.

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Better Looking Minecraft Avatars

There are a few mods I use to make Steve (or whatever you call your Minecraft character) look better. As with other mods I’ve reviewed, these are simple, client-side mods that add extra touches to the game without changing anything about the gameplay.

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