About Me

About Me

I am a British-born nerd, adventurer, Burner, and heavy drinker. I am currently living in Ireland.

Game Developer

When I was 7 years old I got my hands on a Commodore 64. It was to be the first computer I would write video games for. As I got older I continued learning how to play and program games, until I eventually started my career working on the official video game for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.


I am an avid traveller, although that has been halted for the last few years. I have travelled to Iran, North Korea, and I hope to eventually complete the so-called “Axis of Evil” when I visit Iraq. Other travel goals include Tajikistan – I made a video game set in the country, Uzbekistan to see the Gateway to Hell, and a road trip across the USA to visit the National Parks.

I lived in China for eleven years, but after recently moved to Ireland, I was made redundant. So I’ve decided to spend some time travelling the world, and am looking forward to many new adventures.


While living in China I met Sven, an older man who liked to wear funny hats and talk about football. When he wasn’t talking about football, he talked about bringing Burning Man to China. Though I was initially wary of the prospect, I ended up joining him in his efforts and, with the help of many others, we managed to make Dragon Burn an Official Burning Man Regional Event. It has run for 6 years, though the last 3 years have been stifled by the pandemic. Though I will be less involved with the project going forward, I intend to continue to support the project and am looking forward to one day returning to China and participating in the event again.


As a result of being a Burner, I ended up running bar crawls around Burns and Shanghai. This led me to be involved with another Cacophony Society spinoff. Known as SantaCon, it started out as a protest against commercialism. In keeping with that spirit, we maintained a free bar crawl and worked with local bars to run what was probably the largest bar crawl in China. At one point, you couldn’t go anywhere in JingAn without seeing a Santa Clause.

Anyway, point is I like to drink, and this has led to cool things.