Bok’s Butterflies

This mod adds butterflies with a full life cycle to the world of Minecraft. Butterflies can be caught or released using a butterfly net. Once caught, they can be bottled and placed in the world as decorative objects.

Butterflies will lay eggs in leaves if they get close to them, and if a player collects these eggs they can plant them in other leaf blocks. The eggs will eventually hatch into caterpillars. After living on the leaves for a short time, a caterpillar will eventually build a chrysalis. These will then hatch into new butterflies within the world.

This mod features 16 butterfly species, mostly based on real-life butterflies but a couple of them are purely fantasy butterflies. If you want to breed the butterflies in this mod, then be sure to keep your cats away from them!

This mod is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to redistribute or modify Bok’s Butterflies as you wish, just be sure to acknowledge where it originated.