Bok’s Butterflies

This mod adds butterflies with a full life cycle to the world of Minecraft. It features 16 butterfly species, mostly based on real-life butterflies but a couple of them are pure fantasy.



There are 16 species of butterfly in total. Each butterfly species has its own size, speed, rarity and lifespan. Some will be larger, some will move faster, some will live longer than others.

Butterflies can be caught or released using a butterfly net. Once caught, they can be bottled and placed in the world as decorative objects.

If you want to breed the butterflies in this mod, then be sure to keep your cats away from them!


Butterflies will lay eggs in leaves if they get close to them. The eggs will eventually hatch into caterpillars. If a player breaks the leaves, the eggs will drop. Players can then replant these eggs on other leaves.


After living on the leaves for a short time, a caterpillar will eventually build a chrysalis. If the caterpillars end up on any other block, they will instead starve to death.

Players can pick up caterpillars and move them to other leaf blocks if they wish.


Built by caterpillars, these will eventually hatch into new butterflies within the world. These cannot be moved by players and will be destroyed if they attempt to do so.

Scrolls and Books

Butterflies can also be pinned to a piece of paper to create a scroll where you can look at the butterfly in detail. Unfortunately this kills the butterfly. These scrolls can also be placed around your world as decoration.

Scrolls can also be placed in a book, allowing the player to collect more detailed information on each butterfly species.


Butterflies and caterpillars can be placed into jars. These are decorative items that can be placed in the world. Butterflies and caterpillars placed this way will not die, lay eggs or create chrysalises.

If you want to get the butterfly or caterpillar back, they can be released by using the bottle while not highlighting a block.

Server Config

There are now server config options to help manage butterfly growth. You can find them in your world folder, under /serverconfig/butterflies-server.toml.

The available options are:

  • double_egg_chance: Defines the chance a butterfly has double the eggs (default: 0.0625).
  • egg_limit: Defines how many eggs each butterfly can lay (default: 1).
  • max_density: Defines how many butterflies can be in a 32x32x32 region before breeding is disabled. If set to zero, this is ignored (default: 16).
  • enable_lifespan: If set to TRUE butterflies will die naturally (default: true).

Latest Changes

  • Butterfly eggs are now entities.
  • Reworked items so recipes work every time.
  • Advancements now work with new items.
  • Reworked biome modifiers so butterflies can spawn in other mod’s biomes.
  • Butterflies now release hearts when they become fertile.
  • Added tooltips to butterfly items.