Revenge of the Blackguard

Aegon’s Troupe helped Gavin in his mission to slay the murderer, Bassilus, who turned out to be an insane necromancer. Having ensured the area is safe from undead, Aegon and the others have agreed to help Dorn hunt Kryll, another necromancer who betrayed the half-orc in the past.

18 Kythorn 1368

We arrive in Nashkel in the dead of night. We find Taris, the woman Dorn mentioned. She is still looking for a man outside the Nashkel Inn. I suggest to Dorn that we try to be sympathetic with the woman if he wants to find his revenge.

Aegon: I may be able to aid you, if you give me the information I seek.

Taris: I- I don’t know very much about the area, sir. I am looking for my husband, you see. He left me a week ago and- oh, the danger on the roads, and then that AWFUL woman. I’ve been trying to find him ever since.

Aegon: This woman you mentioned, would she be a mage of some sort?

Taris: Well, my Lord, I don’t really know. My husband has vanished. He was seen heading east in the company of some woman. I followed them for a while, but the wilderness became too dangerous!

Aegon: Please continue, and do not leave anything out. Even the smallest detail could aid me in finding your husband.

Taris: When I asked some of the other people here in town, they said that the woman had lured several men away, not just my husband. I don’t know what kind of game she thinks she’s playing, but it isn’t natural.

Aegon: Go on.

Dorn: Hrmm. When I asked this woman about Kryll, the description I gave matched the mystery woman who took away her husband. When I demanded more information, she fled. Typical.

Aegon: Taris, please continue.

Taris: That’s really all I know. Somewhere to the east, perhaps past the mines. I miss Hagar so much, but I don’t know if I could ever forgive him.

Aegon: East of the mines, you say? And you haven’t been able to search that area?

Taris: Oh no! It’s far too dangerous. I really don’t know what to do. I have little money, and my husband is off with that wench! That horrible woman has stolen my Hagar!

Aegon: Please, calm yourself. I will do my best to locate your husband, wait here for as long as you can.

Taris: Thank you, sir! Thank you so much… I shall remain here while you search for Hagar.

Some mage is enchanting men and stealing them away. Dorn mentioned she was a necromancer. If that’s so, Hagar may not be alive enough to return when we find him. I dread the thought of what she might be doing. Bassilus did what he did because he lost his sanity. Somehow a necromancer with a plan sounds worse…

We rest before we leave for the mines. In the morning we ask the local shop keepers if they can identify Zargal’s sword. Karea is able to tell us of its history and enchantments.

How the bandit obtained this sword is unknown, but given his profession it’s easy to guess.

On our way to the Nashkell Mines, we are ambushed by more hobgoblin bandits. Perhaps they’re trying to get the Whistling Sword back?

Emily gets the first kill.

Dorn happily tears one of the bandits apart.

The rest fall one after the other.

We gather their equipment and heal ourselves. Dorn decides he wants to try his skill with a bow, so he pulls a composite longbow from the Bag of Holding and takes one of the bandit’s quivers.

We arrive at the mines in short time. Taris said the enchantress was to the east, so we move in that direction. I wander too far ahead and run into some kobolds.

I retreat and rejoin the others as the kobolds give chase into the gauntlet.

Their commandos start to hurt Dorn with their arrows so I try to put them to Sleep.

They resist my magic, so we charge them head on. Dorn’s armour has fallen apart, and he has to use a Potion of Healing to keep himself alive.

Dorn gets close and more kobolds swarm around him. I prepare another Sleep spell. This time they all fall asleep so we start to deliver our coup de graces.

This upsets their pet wolf, who charges Dorn.

Finch knocks it down with a sling bullet.

Those arrow impacts have managed to destroy Dorn’s full plate armour. I can understand Braegar’s frustration now. I make a not to complain next time I return to the Thunderhammer Smithy.

Finch gives him back the plate mail armour, and she replaces hers with the enchanted chain mail we have in our Bag of Holding.

We keep searching the area but all we find are more kobolds that want to die.

Perhaps Krull is further to the east than this…

We travel further east and are surprised by large amounts of screaming as we walk through a canyon. Blue xvarts charging us with their swords drawn.

They start to die but Dorn takes a lot of damage. He consumes his last Potion of Healing, while I use Corellon’s blessings to keep him alive.

We kill the rest and carry on through the Gibberling Mountains. Rose and I talk about the music we enjoy while the going is calm.

Aegon: I like heroic ballads and funny, easy to remember tunes. What about you?

Rose: I see. I like all kinds of music, mostly because I enjoy playing it and singing. Or whistling. Can ya whistle, Aegon? It took a good time out of me to learn how to do it.

Aegon: I’m proud to say I was the most skilled whistler in all Candlekeep, my dear one.

She giggles.

Rose: That’s good to hear! You could whisle a bit while I sing, then!

Just be sure to keep the timing good!

I wonder if she would enjoy singing with the Whistling Sword of Zargal?

Deeper into the mountains we spot a skeleton. Could this mean a necromancer is close?

More of them start to close in on us.

Dorn starts to dismantle them.

Finch heals Dorn as he quickly destroys the rest of the skeletons.

Dorn also thinks this means a necromancer is nearby.

Aegon: This necromancer is no match for us.

Dorn: Despite the powers I have been granted and my craving to tear her flesh apart, I remain cautious. It would be wise for you to do the same.

Aegon: We shall see, Dorn. Let us continue onward to end this once and for all.

He is right to be cautious. I prepare my Mage Armor for the inevitable fight. We move deeper into the mountains where the skeletons came from and encounter a gnome.

Aegon: Sure, what do you have to tell us, gnome?

Hafiz: Thank you… just let an old man catch his breath… Now then, let me introduce myself, I am Hafiz bin Watat, astrologer, scientist, and mage. Please, tell me your name.

Aegon: Sure, my name’s Aegon.

Hafiz: Aegon! Yes, that’s the name I remember. I’ve seen your face in my dreams. Mmm. The dreams of you are always ones of blood and death, and there is another man who watches, an evil man. They always end with your death or mine. It is so strange that I should meet you, the focus of these dreams. You must be very special. Tell me about yourself; perhaps I can help you.

Aegon: There’s quite a bit to say, I don’t really know if I have the time to go into all the details. I used to live at Candlekeep with my father Gorion. A little while back we were forced to flee. Seems like there’s someone out there who really wants me dead. In trying to kill me, he… killed my dad.

Hafiz: I am sorry to bring back such painful memories. I wish to help you, and in doing so, end these dreams that plague me. Here, take this. When you do battle against the eight that serve your father’s killer, read this scroll and it will protect you from their wrath. Goodbye now; perhaps we shall meet again.

Finch: A scroll of protection! Such generosity! Not everyone is looking out for your health, Aegon, but at least there are a few souls on your side.

“Eight that serve your father’s killer”. He knows who killed father! But before I can ask him any more question, he is gone. I take a look at the scroll. I can’t tell what it does right now.

We hear owls as we continue through the dark. The wind whistles through the mountains. We come across a cliff covered in blood, corpses strewn around it, and Dorn recognises the only one left alive.

Kryll: Someone had to take a fall to divert suspicion from the rest of us, and Simmeon chose you. Besides, you obviously escaped. There’s no need for revenge. It’s beneath you, Dorn. Don’t be so petty.

Dorn: Petty? You left me to die in Luskan. There will be no forgiveness! Stand and die, Kryll!

Kryll: Once again, you fail to realize what’s happening around you, Dorn. Rise up, my children. Rise up and feast upon the living!

The corpses around her start to move. They’re still alive? Before I finish the thought, they burst open, sending mounds of flesh and blood in every direction as their skeletons peel out of their bodies. Necromancers. I hate Necromancers.

The necromancer casts a Horror toward us, causing rose to panic. Finch counters with Resist Fear.

Kryll’s next spell Slows us down.

I manage to Hold the necromancer in place.

Finch manages to ward away some of the skeletons.

Emily kills Kryll with her crossbow.

Most of the skeletons collapse without the necromancer’s magic to sustain them.

We chase the remaining skeletons, but they collapse by themselves as well.

Dorn says a few words for his fallen comrade.

Aegon: I would assume that you speak metaphorically, Dorn? Or can you really gaze into the Abyss?

Dorn: Perhaps not literally. Not with my eyes. But I do have channels of communication. Enough of this. Let us search the body.

I can’t figure out what Kryll’s robes and amulet do, but they both have an aura of magic. Dorn is more interested in the letter she holds.

Dorn is insistent after he reads the letter.

Aegon: Aren’t you worried he knows you are coming? He could be waiting with a trap.

Dorn: It matters not. I will escape any trap they lay for me; I will overcome any obstacle they place in my path. I know better than to trust the word of those I have slain already, but I sense it is true that he gave the order. Simmeon must die.

Aegon: Whatever happened to caution, Dorn? Let us continue onward, we will meet Simmeon soon enough.

I suggest we continue to explore the mountains, in case any more of Kryll’s allies are nearby. More information could help us in the fight against Simmeon. It is slow going at first, with Kryll’s curse still upon us, but eventually it wears off and we find some travellers in need.

Gavin: How can we refuse such a request?

Lena: Just hear me out! It’s all I ask!

Dorn: Take us to this friend. We’re always ready to aid a lady in distress.

Lena: This is him right here on the ground.

Finch: He looks to be in a terrible state, Aegon, one much to dire for the likes of me to help him. Oh, dear! We must do something, but what?

Lena: This is Samual. He’s so sick right now.

She sobs.

Lena: I don’t know how much longer he has to live. Could you take him to the Friendly Arm Inn? If you were to take him to Gellana Mirrorshade at the Temple of Wisdom, she’d help him. Please, can you do this?

Dorn: We’ll take him to the Temple of Wisdom, but only for a price.

Lena: All I have is this ring. Will it do? Here take it.

Dorn: Sure, the ring will do.

Lena: Thank you, thank you so much. When you pick him up, be sure to be gentle. Please take him to the temple right away. I don’t know how much longer he’ll live.

Emily: We should head there right away. There’s no telling how little time he has left.

I should have known Dorn would want something in return for any kind of help. The ring she gave him is a jade ring. It should fetch a small price in the Friendly Arm.

Dorn lifts up Samuel. He may need a push to do a favour, but when he commits to a task it’s hard to stop him pursuing it.

Dorn still insists we search a bit more, and soon enough we meet the Gibberling Mountains namesake.

Dorn wades right into their claws and teeth as we cut them down.

It isn’t long before we meet more gibberlings.

They don’t give us too much trouble. The next group is unfortunately much larger.

I decide to Curse them, hopefully that will let Dorn last longer.

Dorn is cut and bloodied, but we cleave through the rest of the gibberlings.

Blood and bones litter the area here. Kryll wasn’t the only danger in these mountains. It’s starting to snow lightly now. We decide to go back down and make our way to the Friendly Arm before Samuel dies.

As we descend we are approached by a Flaming Fist Mercenary.

Aegon: We’re adventurers.

Flaming Fist Mercenary: Adventurers, huh? Well, you should keep a look out, there’s been quite a few reports about bandits causing trouble ’round these parts. Also, I’ve been searching for a deserter. His name is Samuel, and he should be travelling with a woman. There is a bounty of 50 gold for his capture.

Actually, I just wanted to ask you one question. Who is that you have with you?

Aegon: It’s one of our companions, he was wounded.

Flaming Fist Mercenary: Don’t try to lie to me. You have Samuel there, don’t you? Hand him over or we’ll have to take him by force.

Aegon: You’ll have to take him by force. Sorry.

We have no room for betrayal in our party, especially after seeing Dorn’s drive for revenge. Before he can swing his sword, I charm him with my Ring of Human Influence. His demeanor changes as I suggest he joins us in our descent.

When we encounter a dire wolf, I suggest he goes in first to fight the creature.

We chase the wolf down and slay it.

After the battle, I suggest he continues to search deeper in the mountains for Samuel. We move off in the opposite direction.

We pass through Nashkel on our way to the Friendly Arm Inn. We find Taris still waiting outside the inn.

Aegon: I don’t know for sure that one was Hagar, but all of the people with Kryll met an untimely demise.

Taris: Oh no! I can’t… Oh, Hagar must have been among them, I know it. I know he left me, but… oh, poor Hagar! How did he die? Please. Tell me.

Aegon: He passed away peacefully, but Kryll, the woman he followed, was responsible.

Taris: Maybe it’s better that I don’t hear the details. Thanks for your help, but I must leave this place. I need to be alone.

I’m thankful she understands why I lied to her. I’ve seen death, but somehow undeath is even more horrifying. I can’t get the image of those bodies bursting open out of my head. Of a man trying to make conversation with a rotting animated corpse. The dead should stay dead. I hate necromancers.

I shake off the memories. We need to focus. We need to get Samuel to the Friendly Arm as quickly as possible. Then it’s time to find Simmeon so the Blackguard can have his revenge.

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