Okay, let’s try this again. I’ve gone back and reinstalled EET from scratch with a shed-ton of mods. I’ve had a quick playthrough and rushed to both the Friendly Arm Inn and Beregost. It seems to be a lot more stable this time so hopefully the run won’t die too quickly.

I also took the opportunity to remove some mods and install some others to make the game run a little closer to how I wanted it in the first place. I removed a mod that replaced everyone’s portraits, so we should have the classic portraits now. The new portraits weren’t bad, but I have too much nostalgia and prefer the originals.

Among others I also added the Send NPCs to an Inn patch, which I somehow forgot to include with my last install. I also changed the UI mods to something closer to how it looks in the original game. While I like the idea of a full-screen dialogue box, it’s not great for doing a Let’s Play where you want readers to see as much of the game as possible.

Anyway, on to the actual Let’s Play!

“Write it down”, he said. “Everything?”, I asked. “Everything.”

So I started this diary. Who am I? Well that’s a good question. This is the diary of Aegon, son of Gorion, keeper of Candlekeep. At least it feels like I am this place’s keeper sometimes, the number of chores I need to perform.

If you ever meet my father you may have some questions. Yes, I’m a full-blooded elf. Gorion adopted me after my mother died. My biological father had died long before that, leaving me an orphan. Gorion took me in and taught me the ways of the Weave growing up.

Despite being far from elven lands, there were enough visitors from those places to connect me to my culture. I devoted myself to Corellon Larethian, Creater of the Elves, First of the Seldarine, Coronal of Arvandor. The elven priests that passed through confirmed me as a Feywarden.

As a Feywarden, Corellon grants me protection from enemy counter-magics.

This feels like an ability that won’t be as useful until we get into late BG1/early BG2 content. Then again, with these mods you never know!

He also grants me several other blessings that I can call upon when the need arrives. The first provides me with protection from damage.

A small reduction to damage, but this could save you in a pinch.

Another provides luck to my allies in combat.

A good spell to use when fighting a large number of weak enemies who don’t use magic.

He will inflict pain on my enemies if it is needed.

Can do a decent amount of damage if you can get close to an enemy. There are much better spells for doing damage, however.

Or he will use his divine voice to make them sleep.

If you followed Dorthon’s run you’ve already seen this spell can be more useful than it appears at first, especially against solo spellcasters.

He will heal those that I touch.

The quintessential low-level healing spell.

He will place a curse on those who oppose our beliefs.

A sort of opposite of Bless. Similarly useful against large numbers of low-level non-casters.

He will allow me to see other’s motives.

I’ve never found a use for this spell in Baldur’s Gate. Maybe the mods will change that…

And can inflict an even greater curse on an enemy.

Target a strong melee opponent with this spell.

He will send me fruits that can restore health and vitality.

Essentially creates some small regeneration potions out of thin air!

He can also conjure a stone out of thin air to strike anyone who offends the pantheon.

A basic magical ranged weapon. This becomes less useful at higher levels.

He can protect me from those who would do me wrong.

This also protects against summoned demons.

And he can protect me from those who are misguided.

I guess if we fight any Devas at some point we’ll need this spell.

He can give us bravery when we face our fears.

A must against mages that use the Horror spell.

He can provide a safe space for those who need protecting.

Take a break out of combat so that you can prepare for combat.

Corellon is a god of Magic, and in his name I have studied the Weave. But it is not he who has taught me the ways of magic, but rather it was my father. I know there are many spells out there, but I have mastered only a few.

I am able to figure out what any magic item can do.

Unidentified items won’t be a problem for Aegon!

I can conjure missiles that will strike my enemies down.

You can’t have a mage without this basic attack.

And I can charm my enemies to sleep.

Low-level enemy slaughterer. This spell is stupid powerful in the early game.

Finally, Gorion has taught me how to summon a familiar. Familiars are a one time deal, but as I am now an adult I feel the time to summon one is near.

And we’ll have a familiar this time! I can’t wait!

I don’t have many possessions as an errand-boy in Candlekeep.

I have my trusty Quarterstaff and that’s it.

Apparently it can be used as a weapon, but I’d rather a good war hammer.

Well that’s who I am and what I am capable of. Life’s not too exciting really – I study, do chores, and sleep. If anything interesting happens I’ll write it in this diary, but I foresee this being a very short manuscript.

So that’s the character this time around. I decided to go for something different and sort of randomly generated the character again. I ended up with an elf cleric/mage but, like I did with Dorthon, I figured it would be more interesting to make the cleric part related to the character a bit more. In modern DnD clerics of Corellon Larethian often multiclass as mages so I think it’s a fitting concept for a character. A sort of Worf-like character: raised in a human society, but still caring about his cultural roots and heritage.

I also used the kit description to inspire Aegon’s colours. He wears dark blue (azure) with a shiny grey trim (silver). Oh, and finally, I decided on a Chaotic Neutral alignment purely because I like cats. I’ll probably lean the character a little more towards Good, since he’s a follower of Corellon, but there’s leeway there if I want to take the character in a more morally gray direction.

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