Friendly Arm Inn

Mature Content Warning: This post contains mature content from the Romantic Encounters mod. There will be a link to skip it if you prefer.

4 Mirtul 1368

We climb the stairs to the Inn, but our way is blocked by a robed man wielding a quarterstaff.

Vienxay: Careful. This human has been asking about you. Say little and move on.

I agree. There’s something not right about this man.

Aegon: Nothing much, really. Just road-worn travellers, looking for a place to rest.

Tarnesh: I see, I see. Pardon my being too forward, but you’ve the bearing of someone I’ve been looking for. About your height, they were. Same style of dress, or thereabouts. I daresay, you seem to be the spitting image of the,. Might you have travelled from Candlekeep, by any chance?

Aegon: I may have visited there on occasion. What of it?

Tarnesh: Oh, nothing really. I’m just looking for someone from that region. Would your name be Aegon, by any chance?

Aegon: Never heard that name in my life. Sorry.

Tarnesh: Really? I would beg to differ. You fit the description, so I think it would be safe to assume you are the one I seek. Don’t move. I have something for you.

His words turn unintelligible. He is casting a spell! We instantly leap into action.

Imoen’s arrow strikes true and disrupts his spell. I ask the Weave to Command the assassin and he falls to the ground.

Vienxay finishes the assassin off with a final arrow.

Montaron looks a little disappointed as he sheathes his sword. He must have been looking forward to a good fight.

I search the corpse. His quarterstaff is nothing special, but there is a bounty notice on him.

Leaving Candlekeep hasn’t helped me lose these assassins. I shouldn’t stay here for too long. A moving target is harder to hit, after all.

Imoen takes an interest in The assassin’s spellbook.

Imoen: Look! Here’s somethin’… Hey? Think I can turn ya into a frog?

Hold on, lemme try…

Manis! Potentis! PAH…!

Aegon: Whoa! Hold on, Imoen! You’re no wizard. You shouldn’t be fooling around with that. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Imoen: Aw, don’t worry about me. I was only kiddin’.

These spells or whatever, the things in the back? They look kinda important. I won’t mess with those.

But these lil’ old things in the front… Betcha even I could learn some of them. I’m gonna try, anyway.

Aegon: Well, I suppose it will be all right. Just be careful, okay?

Imoen: Hey! I told ya! Dontcha worry ’bout me. I’m no dummy. I know what I’m doin’.

I’ll be ‘slingin’ spells’ in no time. Haha!

Tarnesh also had several scrolls on him. He has a scroll of Magic Missiles, which all our wizards already know so I tuck it into my book bag. Maybe Imoen could learn it if she gets anywhere studying that spell book.

He also has a scroll of Chromatic Orb. I study it and am able to add it to my spellbook. He also has a Summon Weasels scroll.

It looks like a nice distraction spell. I try and learn it and fail to copy it properly.

Damn, I really wanted that spell. This is a new spell from the Weasels! mod by LavaDelVortel, a mod that adds several weasel-themed spells and items to the game.

He has two scrolls of Mage Armor. I manage to copy one myself, and I give Vienxay the other scroll for her spellbook.

I think the levelling thing is new here, but that makes the spell a bit more useful at higher levels.

He has two more scrolls which seem a bit too advanced for us right now. The first is a powerful attack called Lance of Disruption.

The other is Invisibility, a basic stealth spell.

We finally make our way inside the Inn. Despite being the middle of the night, it’s still busy.

We start asking around to see if anyone knows Khalid and Jaheira. People talking of the dangers in the Nashkel Mines.

The serving wench knows Khalid and Jaheira, but not where they are right now.

I am approached by a man who needs to get something off his chest.

Aegon: How come the roads are cut off?

Jopi: Where you been these past few months? The roads are crawling with brigands and bandits after every scrap o’ iron you got on ye. Surely you must have fled some on your trip here… lest you came by the west road, that is.

Aegon: Why is the west road still open?

Jopi: If there’s ever a book shortage, that road to Candlekeep will be the most dangerous of them all, I assure you. But these folks are after metal so they’re sticking mainly to the larger trade routes between Baldur’s Gate and Amn… An’ guess what: This here inn is smack dab in the middle o’ it all.

Is iron is more valuable than gold right now? I wonder if I should melt our weapons into iron coins?

I’m surprised to see a half-orc nursing an empty glass. I wander over to talk to him.

Aegon: I am not your servant. Get your own ale!

Dorn: Then why do you bother me? Begone.

Aegon: Nothing would please me more.

I should have known better than to talk to a brute like that. Perhaps the nearby gnome will be a little more welcoming.

Ygnatz: What a large weapon you have…

Aegon: It’s alright, you need not fear me. I come in peace.

Ygnatz: Oh… good to hear. Yes. Very appeasing. I thought I would end up in one of those bar fights I heard about. But you seem to be more civilised than you look.

Say, you would not happen to be of the adventuring kind, would you?

Aegon: Well… I think we could be described like that.

Ygnatz: Alright, here goes. First I should introduce myself to you. My name is Ygnatius Bombastus III, mostly called Ygnatz. You certainly know all the stories that are told about the great Karlini and you’re probably aware how valuable his spellbook is.

Aegon: Uh… no?

Ygnatz: What?! You do not know the great Karlini? So… you leave me speechless.

Aegon: Why do you not tell me about him?

Ygnatz: As you wish… Hey there! A round for me and my friends!

Attention then. Karlini was not always called Karlini. His real name is Karl Jansen, and his origins lay in Amn. His family has long been established there and is great in the turnip trade, so they say. But that was not enough for the great Karlini. He wanted more! He wanted to fly high! He wanted to fly as high as a gnome could go.

And he managed it, Garl Glittergold be my witness!

He developed the basic formulas for probably a dozen spells, invented the soaring marble cake and created a hybrid between a tapir and macaque (do not ask me what has become of it, though).

He is the originator of the formula “Gold to Stone” (his only flop in more than 100 years) and “Karlini’s Cold Cobblers Clutch” (an evolution of Bigby’s work, I think).

And he was the first gnome who… but I think you don’t want to know that, not in detail. In any case, Karlini wrote down all his discoveries and records into one book. This spellbook bristles with irreplaceable knowledge of gnome wisdom… however Karlini has been missing for some time, and nobody knows exactly what happened to him.

But.. you can rejoice! I have localised the book! It is here on the Sword Coast! More precisely in Ulcaster’s School!

Aegon: And now you wish that I secure the book for you?

Ygnatz: That’s right, young man.

I can mark the ruins on your map and when you come back I will pay you 300 pieces of gold cash in hand. How does that sound?

Aegon: This sounds like an arrangement. We have a deal.

Ygnatz: That’s to my liking, my liking! Let’s waste no more time and whooshy-wooshy set off! The Ulcaster Ruins are waiting!

We finish our ales, except for Vienxay who only has time to complain.

Aegon: You’re welcome to cook.

Vienxay: Please that is what servants are for. But I suppose it is hard to hire a good cook and a good warrior. These lands require a capable self-defense.

Aegon: Adventurers don’t get cooks and the luxury of nobility on the road.

Vienxay: Yes I know that. Obviously. Ugh. Let me tell you how I got into this awful situation anyway.

My master, Luna, befriended me with promises of ascending higher into the court, learning as her apprentice, gaining power and prestige in the process. Things that should have rung my suspicion, but did not.

My parents had high expectations for me, and I had two little sisters to be an example for. While my family thought it best to decline her offers when I excitedly told them, I accepted and worked for her directly.

I should have stopped when she started teaching me about the shadow weave. But I kept at it, while doing her odd jobs and tasks for experiments.

Then one day I discovered too late that one of her “jobs” was moving dead elves she was using for experiments. When I was about to betray her with this knowledge, she betrayed me first, pinning their deaths on me.

Aegon: This master of yours did a terrible thing to you.

Vienxay: Your sympathy is touching. Kinder than what I received from Evermeet. No matter.

And what of you? I understand the loss of this Gorion, your father, also sent you away from your home.

Aegon: He wasn’t my father, but Gorion was as good as any.

Vienxay: I hope you get your chance at retribution, Aegon.

We’re both exiles of a sort. At least we have each other for now.

I take a look at the position Ygnatz marked on my map.

South-east of Beregost, but north of Nashkel. If Montaron and Xzar don’t mind, we might be able to visit it on the way to Nashkel. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a powerful spellbook.

We meet another talkative guest.

Aegon: What brings you here, traveller?

Surrey: I was an apprentice blacksmith under Taerom Fuiruim in Beregost. With the iron situation being what it is, however, I thought I’d better head somewhere else. Waterdeep, maybe. Taerom’s having enough trouble making a go of it as it is…

This iron crisis is uprooting people’s lives. No wonder Xzar and Montaron want to figure out who’s to blame. I make some small talk with one of the servers.

Aegon: This place is a fortress! Why all the security?

Nessie: Bentley wanted the inn to be a safe haven for all sorts of travellers. Anyone can stay here but we don’t tolerate any troublemaking within these walls.

Aegon: Did Bentley build this place? It’s so solid, it looks like it’s been here forever!

Nessie: Oh no, Bentley and Gellana didn’t build the inn! They found it… They were part of an adventuring party, not unlike your own. In the first few years following the Time of Troubles, when all the gods were walking the surface of our world, the inn was actually the hold of a powerful, undead priest of Bhaal, god of murder. With the evil cleric weakened by the death of his god, Bentley and Gellana were able to destroy him once and for all, thus laying claim to this troubled fortress.

Aegon: They must have lots of stories to tell!

Nessie: I’m sure they do. But this inn is their life now, and they don’t like to dwell on the past. You’re as likely to get a tale out of them as you are to get a tooth from the mouth of a hen. It has been a pleasure meeting you, however, and I do hope you enjoy your stay.

I remember the words of the monks back at the Keep: “The Lord of Murder shall perish…“, they said. They were talking about Bhaal.

I see the chef in the kitchen. Perhaps Vienxay would like to hire him.

He sells fruits, potions, and some interesting looking chicken. He’s not for hire though.

There is another vendor in the bar, this one a heavily armed dwarf.

Aegon: My name is Aegon, what’s yours?

Thorengrim Hammerfist: Me name is Thorengrim Hammerfist, one of thee best forgers that Clan Hammerfist had. Me clan died out when Durlag fell. Me clan and Durlag’s were very close. Now what kin I do fer ye?

Aegon: Yes, we were wondering what you have to sell. Anything special you have?

Thorengrim Hammerfist: Now that be music to me ears mate. Here’s what I ‘ave fer ya.

He sells weapons and armour, some of it magical in nature. He also tells us he may be able to upgrade our equipment in the future. We decide not to shop right now. Rest is our priority: we can buy supplies tomorrow.

We see an elderly gnome behind a counter at the back of the bar. He seems to be built quite well for his age. It’s time to get a room.

Vienxay: Don’t ask for elven wine. He had not a single pitcher.

Bentley Mirrorshade: We only have ale, lass.

Vienxay: And that is why this inn is subpar.

Aegon: What do you have to sell?

He sells some basic equipment and a few magical items. We want to sleep however. We spend a few coin on a nice room. Helga, it turns out, is a good cook as well as a good warrior.

Aegon: I appreciate you tending to our food, Helga.

Helga: Ye don’t gonna have the strength to kill enemies if ye don’t eat right. Mind lending a hand?

Aegon: Sure, just tell me what you need done.

Helga: Can’t survive off of poor rations. See this? Pour it on real good. Going to mix it all in my pot to form a nice stew.

I don’t have much of this on me, but figure I’d make my first cooked meal for ye pleasant.

All done. Give it a taste.

Aegon: Mmm. This is good.

Helga: Nay meant to be super tasty, but it is meant to help ye be strong. Granda’ taught me.

Da was always bland in his flavouring… but all that meat he gave me when I was a wee lass is still with me now in my strength. Proud of that.

Aegon: I can definitely see that. You seem almost more warrior than priestess.

Helga: Many of my fellows do train well in weapons, and some even are warriors. But I focus less on that and more on raw strength. Ye never know when ye don’t get to have a weapon close to ye.

I’ll cook again for ye in the future. Ye’ll probably like it as well.

Aegon: I look forward to it.

Helga: Heh. Get some rest then. More battles to come, eh?

Rest would be wise, but I’m not particularly tired. I decide to go back to the bar and get talking to a woman there.

Aegon: I guess you could call me that, yes.

Lina: And how is it? Running around and killing monsters, I mean.

AegonIt’s been life threatening, more than once.

Lina: I bet! And you must be quite a hero, too, if you’ve still got all your limbs!

She laughs at this.

I know it sounds as if I’m making fun of you, but I swear I am not. I am impressed. I never wanted to be an adventurer, but I respect the courage it takes to live on the edge of a weapon.

Tell me one of your adventures, please!

AegonImagine walking through the wilderness. You hear a strange sound, like an animal you’ve never heard before. You walk around the next bush, and five gibberlings come running at you, screaming!

Lina: Wow, that makes me shiver! And you survived it! Well, obviously…

She laughs again.

Your shoulders must be all tense from the excitement. Here, I can feel all the knots even by just touching your neck!

AegonAh, that felt nice. I am all knots indeed.

Lina: How about I massage your shoulders, like this?

AegonAhhh, that is good!

Lina: I would love to be helpful. How about I give your tense muscles a massage?

AegonThat sounds great.

Lina: It would be better if you would remove your gear. Actually, it would also be best if you would lay down, as well… Don’t you think?

AegonYes, please, I could use that.

Lina: Well then, I would suggest we go to my lodgings. No worries, it’s just a bit more private than the hall, and the couch is more comfortable than the tables here.

She laughs yet again.

Or do you have a room you’d prefer?

AegonNo, let’s go there.

Lina: Then let’s go!

We head to the room. I’m unsure of what to do here. I’ve never done anything like this before.

Mature Content Warning:
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Linda: Here we are. Away with all the gear, and your shirt… Let me close the door. I don’t want to give the wrong impression to anyone passing by. Here is the couch…

She starts to stroke and work my shoulders and back with firm hands. Using fingers, palms and thumbs in turn she tries to soften every knot she finds in my muscles. Just at the moment I thought she finished, I notice a change in her massage. She is moving her fingers differently now. With strong yet tender hands she caresses my skin…

I feel her hesitating. Then she resumes her caressing. I can feel her breath on my back…

I feel my body respond to the caressing. Besides her stroking hands, I suddenly feel her lips kissing my skin. I sit up and take her into my arms, my lips searching for hers.

Lina: You… you want it too, don’t you? I see your naked torso, feel your muscles, and I…

She kisses me, her lips warm and soft on mine.

Lina: Oh, I want you!

Dorthon: I want you, too!

Lina: Let’s… let’s do it! Quick, before I come to my senses…

I undress her. Lina tears at my clothes too. I take her hands.

Dorthon: Not so fast… Let me look at you.

She is standing before me now, completely naked, slightly wincing under my gaze.

Lina: Do you want to let me freeze? Please!

I undress myself. Linda spreads herself on the couch, pulling me with her.

Lina: Take me!

I take her slowly.

Lina: Oh, gods, yes!

I move slowly. Lina is moving eagerly with me, her arms holding me. I continue the slow movement.

Lina: This is great but… a bit more… a bit more!

I increase the pace, possessing her fully.

Lina: Not so fast! Not so…

I reduce the pace of my dance.

Lina: Oh! Gods… this is good!

I continue my pace.

Lina: Oh, gods… Oh! I… I am…

Her breath in rapid gasps, arching her back slightly, her eyes shut, Lina makes sounds of excitement while her passion claims her.

Lina: This was… wonderful!

I continue the movements until I feel myself coming. I surrender to the excitement rushing over me, the blood throbbing in my ears. I lay myself beside her, catching my breath.

Lina: Mmmm, that was good. I hope I succeeded in releasing your tension. I would love you to linger, but you better go. Have a nice day…

Our first mature encounter from the Romantic Encounters mod. This one is Lina’s Massage by jastey.
I was on the fence about whether or not to include this as it’s kind of cringe, but hell, I want to showcase the mods, warts and all. Still, it felt weird choosing how fast the “pace of your dance” should be…

End of Mature Content Warning

After our ‘dance’ I go back to our room to sleep. Imoen is still awake, and she has a huge grin on her face when she asks me where I’ve been all night…

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