Saying Goodbye

2 Mirtul 1368

I decide to walk through the Inner Grounds to get back to the Inn. On my way I literally bump into a gnome reciting some music.

Finch: Ooh! I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going!

Dorthon: It’s okay, Finch, old pal! What’s new in the world of literature?

Finch: I have been scribing the monk’s singing, Dorthon. I am fairly certain their words come from the volume of Alaundo’s writings inside the citadel.

How I wish I had found the opportunity to study them first-hand this past tenday! Alas, such a rare edition proves popular among the curious. I never had a chance!

Dorthon: Those are the breaks! Still, you have managed to add a number of works to your copy book over your visit, correct? I have hardy seen you with your head out of a cloister.

Finch: What else would a cleric of Oghma’s Scribe do? The halls of Candlekeep are a paradise for lovers of the written word! Why, in the past tenday, I have copied a treatise on Tethyrian border history, duplicated a few volumes of Lliiran hymns, and transcribed an entire Hin cookbook with the most illuminating recipe for stewed goat. All things considered, a successful amount of information to share across the land. I have high hopes Deneir will be proud of the efforts of his new initiate, even if I did not copy the entire works of Alaundo.

Dorthon: Ah, you are a cleric of Deneir. No wonder you love this place.

Finch: Truly, my brief time here in your home town has been a great joy. I can imagine no finer occupation than living with my nose in a book! Alas, I have dallied in Candlekeep longer than I should have in service of my temple, though I am certain Deneir would understand.

Anyhoo, I leave with all haste. I have a list of works needed to establish a new library on the Amnish border. I located a likely seller of one volume in Beregost, so off I go!

Perhaps we shall meet again. I bid you a fair journey!

Gameplay Note
This is another new NPC, Finch by the Pocket Plane Group.

As I make my way to the west gate of the Inner Grounds I am approached by Tethtoril.

Everyone is rushing me to speak to Gorion today. He gives me the scroll of Identify that Firebead asked me to fetch at least.

Gameplay Note
I don’t remember this spell levelling up like that. I think it’s a modded version of Identify.

Another arcane scroll. I’ll give this back to Firebead, but I think I should deal with an impatient dwarf first. I return to the Inn and go straight to talk with the dwarf.

Dorthon: Yes, here is the book.

Braegar: Ah, finally! I owe you my thanks, by Moradin’s hammer! You’re not too wrong after all. Braegar is the name, and yours?

Dorthon: My name is Dorthon. I am pleased to meet you.

Braegar: Ha! Listen to that boy! Straight from textbook for etiquette. You are absolutely right, Dorthon. How about joining me for a mug?

Dorthon: Of course. At your expense?

Braegar: Of course I will pay. You’ve earned it. Hey barkeeper! Bring two!

Winthrop: One for you, master Braegar. But don’t you think that Dorthon would be better served with a milk?

Braegar: Bah! If Braegar of clan Bardormar pays for drinks, then Braegar of clan Bardormar chooses what is brought to the table! A beer for the boy, and quick!

Winthrop: I’ll go along with that. But if you drink him under the table, you will ensure that he is ready to leave when Gorion will!

Braegar: Well then, cheers!

Dorthon: Cheers, and thanks for the beer. But I have to take my leave, my foster father has asked for me.

Braegar: Then you should not let him wait, boy. I tell you, you can learn a lot from the old. If you ever come to Beregost, then visit me in the Thunder Hammer Smithy. I would appreciate it.

Oh yes, this is for you and your efforts. May Berronar be with you.

He gives me 10 gold before making his way out of the Inn. Berronar’s blessing! Ha! I did not expect someone so quick to anger to be a patron of such a calm deity. Opposites attract I guess.

I give Firebead his scroll back.

He gives me another potion of healing, and casts a protection spell on me. I’m not sure how much it will help, but I am glowing now!

Recorder wanted me to see if Sir Mark was at the Inn. I look around and I find him upstairs.

He leaves, presumably to find his expedition partner. I head back outside as well, stopping by Winthrop to purchase crossbow bolts for Fuller.

Now, I still have that antidote that Dreppin needs. On my way to the farm I see Phlydia being her usual self.

I find Dreppin still near the hay bales.

Gameplay Note
I just love the idea of using antidotes to cure hangovers. It’s hilarious, but also makes sense in the context of the magical world of the Forgotten Realms. If there was a magic potion that cured any effects of any poison, of course people would use it to cure hangovers.

I tell him that I already have the potion for him.

Dreppin: Heh, ye’re a wonder, you are. Stick with me and we’ll go far… Well, okay, stick with me and we’d prob’ly never leave the walls of Candlekeep, would we…? Hmm, good thing you ain’t wearin’ none of that metal armour though, as I hear that the bandits out there would just as soon kill you as look at you to get it off your back. I just hope this whole iron crisis business is wrapped up soon.

I go over to the Shrine of Oghma to catch up with Recorder and Sir Mark.

She gives me a Potion of Knowledge.

This can be useful if I come across any items I think may be cursed.

I only have a couple more things left to do before I go to Gorion now. First, I head back to the barracks to deliver Fuller’s bolts.

What is it with Watchers and being so rude to people running errands for them? He gives me 10 gold at least.

One last thing now. I head over to the stables to meet Alec one more time before I leave.

Dorthon: Of course I did.

Alec: Things have been hectic recently. My new duties as Ulruant’s glorified squire, you and Gorion leaving…

And rumours go around about assassins attacking you. Oh Dorthon… who’d have thought this place would become a trap?

Dorthon: I know.

Alec: It will never be the same. But it feels good to pretend that for just one evening, everything can be back to normal.

Dorthon: A dream.

Alec: It feels real enough t me. Doesn’t it? Soft hay, far-off barking, voices… even the smells are as they were ten years ago.

And I’ve got this! Stolen from Winthrop’s kitchens by yours truly. A meat pie, a good old lasagna, some milk and carrot juice. I think I might’ve even stolen a piece of some fancy Calishite dessert.

Dorthon: You’r my personal hero.

Alec: I couldn’t leave my best friend hungry, could I? Especially on a night like this.

There’s a light next to your old window. Do you see it?

Dorthon: What of it?

Alec: There’s something calming about it, a light in the night. Especially when it’s in your room.

You know… When uncle Will just died, and I wanted to be alone, sometimes I walked the grounds, saw the light in your window and felt better.

That’s what being a priest means to me. Hope. Not a candle for somebody stumbling in the dark, no – I’m not that vain… but just some hope.

Dorthon: We all need hope. I certainly do, sometimes.

Alec: I’m not sure if I’m ready to become a priest, though. My healing’s much better – I’ve even closed some gruesome wounds. But can I really ever be more than an initiate with a dusting room?

People I should be helping and advising – they’re grown farmers with families on their own, with livestock they’re responsible for. I’m just a boy to them. By Oghma, I’m just a boy to *me*!

Dorthon: You’re a man to me. You might be young, you might doubt yourself, but you’ve grown.

Alec: It means a lot… but even if I’ve grown, I’m just not used to it, yet.

I guess I want people to… be proud of me. For someone like you or my uncle Will to say they’re glad to know me. I… but that sounds way too self-centered. I’d better shut up.

Dorthon: Hey. I’m proud of you. All right?

Alec: Thanks. For sitting with me like this. You know, I…

Dorthon: Yes?

Alec: I will miss you very much. And I hope that one day you’ll come back.

Dorthon: We’ll see each other again, I know it.

Alec: Gorion is waiting for you, and the time is short. But I hope to see you again, alive and well. I know you’ll be fine.

Still… take care, all right? All those dire wolves and hobgoblins and ogres can’t be healthy.

Dorthon: I promise.

Alec: Go. Be a hero.

As he leaves I realise this may be the last time I see him. It may be the last time I see anyone but my father.

I head back to the Inner Grounds to meet my father. I see Imoen on the way. She doesn’t have much more to say to me.

I find my father on the steps leading to the Central Library.

Dorthon: I am ready to go right now.

We head to the gatehouse. It’s finally time to say goodbye to the Keep. Before we leave for good, Gorion gives me some advice.

A priest of Oghma cures us before we leave.

We start to walk, and press on even after night falls.

He’s right. We are approached by a large man wearing heavy armour like I’ve never seen before. He’s flanked by several humans and ogres.

Gorion: You’re a fool if you believe I would trust your benevolence. Step aside and you and your lackeys will be unhurt.

Armoured Figure: I’m sorry that you feel that way, old man.

Gorion prepares for battle.

I do as he tells me and start running away. An arrow flies at me as I retreat.

Luckily it misses. Perhaps Firebead’s spell did provide some protection after all.

Gorion manages to hold his own against one of the ogres.

It drops dead as Gorion retreats before throwing more spells at our assailants.

A well-placed fireball takes out the humans.

The armoured figure closes in on Gorion and it seems his magic is unable to save him from this blade.

My father. Is dead. He told me to run and I did. I didn’t think… There’s no time to think. I start to run again before they see me. And I don’t stop until I collapse.

3 Mirtul 1368

Somehow I made it back to the road, where I am awoken by a familiar face.

Dorthon: How could you have known? Gorion did not even tell me.

Imoen: I.. accidentally… read a letter on his desk the other day. Can’t remember exactly what it said, but he might still have… It might be on his… his body. Anyway, I’m not gonna let you wander around here all alone. Never let a friend down, no, sir! Stick with you until I say otherwise, I will!

I lost my father last night, but at least I am not alone. At least I have a friend with me now. I said a lot of farewells yesterday. But I didn’t think I’d be saying goodbye to my father today.

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