Baron Grellus of Restenford

Having been teleported to the town of Restenford by the wizard Pelltar, Aegon and the Troupe now seek to solve the troubles plaguing the town. Having cleared an old guard house of rats and the undead, they make their way to the nearby castle in the hopes of learning more about the town.

3 Flamerule 1368

We continue our conversation with Zahrdahl about the rats that were infesting the guardhouse.

Viconia: You asked us if we had some gossip.

Zahrdahl: Oh yeah? Well watcha got?

Viconia: When we cleared out the rats, we found an old cave system under the barracks. Looks like it had been used by a thief at one time. We think we found his body down there. Lots of traps, daggers, and his furniture were all down there.

Zahrdahl: Oh boy, this is great stuff. Thanks.

Viconia: I figured you would like that information. I will return when I have more gossip.

Zahrdahl: When you find out more information, please let me know. It would be, uh, good gossip and I can’t always make it up to Falco’s Tavern when my leg flares up.

Viconia: Okay, we will let you know.

We don’t have anything more to talk about so we leave. Somehow it feels important that there was a thief’s den down there, and yet they were long dead…

It is the middle of the night and we are tired. So we take up board in Falco’s Tavern for the remainder of the night. We don’t get luxury here, but the rooms are nice enough.

The next morning Xan and I take the opportunity to Identify some of the items we found in the Thief’s Den. The dagger is a Heart of the Golem, forged from the body of a golem. Mur’Neth replaces his enchanted dagger with the Heart.

The wand is a Wand of Fire, capable of launching fireballs and flaming columns. Xan keeps his hands on this one.

To the north of the town stands a castle. We have avoided it for now, but it’s time we finally took a look around. Just inside the gate is a guard house, where the guard repeats the usual line they give to everyone. Or maybe they just say this to visitors?

Outside in the courtyard we find 3 Potions of Extra Healing hidden in a barrel. They go in the Potion Belt for now.

We go into the building nearby and find some coin on a table.

There is also a locked chest here. Mur’Neth is able to pass by the lock easily.

Both Mur’Neth and Cat check the chest for traps carefully. They both agree it is safe so Viconia opens the chest. Unfortunately, both the cat and the ooze were wrong, and the dark elf disappears when a trap is triggered by the chest.

Was that a Maze? Whoever was protecting this chest must have access to some powerful magic. If I’m right Viconia should come back soon. I check with Xan and he agrees. Cautiously we approach the chest again. Thankfully the trap is disarmed and we are able to find it contains a large enchanted shield.

It also contains a long sword that we cannot identify. I hold on to it for the time being. Alongside these we also find a necklace that might fetch a decent price.

We leave the home, and Xan starts musing on how we are wasting our time here.

Xan: Or perhaps it is my personal struggle. Am I trying to determine my own place in this world, rather than our mission’s progress?

He sighs.

Xan: Regardless, we’ve done so much, but I almost feel like we’ve accomplished nothing. Or I have.

Aegon: You have indeed complained quite a lot.

Xan: I know I have, but bear with me just a little longer.

There are accomplishments and accomplishments. And sometimes they leave a hollow feeling. Have you ever experienced it, Aegon? Completing a worthy task, but feeling naught but emptiness and sadness?

Aegon: Yes, I’ve felt this way more than once.

Xan: So have I.

I just… I feel I must strive to do something, to find peace. To gain some sense of self-worth. And sometimes it feels so close, but the notion is ever elusive, and each time my true place in reality seems even more dismal afterwards.

I am doomed. In every possible sense. Can you imagine me entertaining the inhabitants of Arvandor with these thoughts?

He sighs again.

Xan: I’d better strive and keep them to myself.

I think about his words. I thought that helping the miners in Nashkel would be a huge accomplishment. But it feels like we have barely scratched the surface. With the bandits being organised, and with their involvement in the conspiracy it feels like something much bigger is afoot. And with Tazok visiting the mines again, who knows if we really made a difference?

Damn, we really need to get back.

After our conversation we hear something from inside the building we just left. Viconia has returned to our plane of existence.

Viconia rejoins us outside and we find the guards are talkative as always.

That doesn’t stop us looting a couple of coins from a nearby storehouse.

There is another chest here, but Mur’Neth can’t figure out the lock.

We find another guard with riveting conversational skills outside the nearby manor house. It’s like they are trained to say nothing else no matter what.

We go into the manor and are immediately confronted by one of the servants.

Rose: We’re guests of your master. Now if you would excuse us, we’ll be on our way.

Servant: Hmm, I don’t remember my master… Well, all right, I’m sorry to have bothered you.

With our new found freedom, we encounter a heavily armoured man in the room next door.

Rose: We are adventurers if that is what you mean. And you are?

Gelpas: Gelpas. I am the captain of the guard.

Rose: Well then, Gelpas. Can you tell us of the troubles your town is in?

Gelpas: No. Personally, I think it is all rumour and hog wash. There is nothing here that my guards can’t handle. As such, I will be keeping a close eye on you since you are not needed. Don’t do anything to insult the baron or the town!

Rose: I wouldn’t dream of it.

Gelpas: Good.

Not the welcome we would have liked. I had hoped that the captain of the guard would be able to fill us in on the vague rumours we had heard up to this point.

In the other wing of the mansion we find the Baron himself.

Rose: Yes sir, we are.

Baron Grellus: Good, I hope you are able to help us out. There seems to be a lot of trouble brewing here all at once.

Pelltar will fill you in if he hasn’t already. I must get back to work.

The Duke wants another “contract” with us. I do believe he would be happier if all the human settlements were under his direct control instead of being independent. Oh well, nothing he can really do about it can he?

Baron Grellus chuckles.

Baron Grellus: Oh, by the way, thank you for taking Fabio with you. I can tell Gelpas to pass on to the guards not to kill him on sight. Seems he has a way with the ladies, unfortunately, too many of the guards’ wives have been under his influence.

Fabio: Sire! You wrong me. I had no idea they were married. Well, I had no idea they ALL were…

I’m not sure if the Baron is joking or not. The local bard does seem to be a tad bit obsessed with women. Do women really like a man like that?

We go upstairs and disturb a woman in her room.

Rose: I am Rose. I am looking for, uhm, Pelltar! I thought he might be up here.

Andrella: That old coot! Well he isn’t up here! Please leave before I call the guards.

Oh, Fabio. I didn’t see you there. Have you come here to sing for me?

Fabio: Lady Andrella, I would love to sing for you, sweet beauty of my dreams.

Rose: Perhaps another time? If you will pardon us, my lady. We really should be going.

Fabio: What? Oh, yes. Lady Andrella, I will return to you as soon as I can. I have been tasked with a top secret mission from your father. The risks are great and I may not live through it, but I will do what I can just to see you again.

Andrella: Oh, how exciting! My hero, please return to me when you can.

He does have a way with the ladies, after all. This woman, sorry, lady seems besotted by him. We take our leave and move over to the other wing. Here we find the woman I assume to be the Baron’s wife.

Rose: Ah, the lovely baroness. The stories about your beauty do not compare to the real you.

Fairwind: Sweet, but stow it will you? I haven’t spent my life as some noble’s dish rag. I have been out in the real world getting my hands dirty. And I know a silver tongue when I hear one.

Now, back to my point. Why are you here. Grellus and Gelpas are both downstairs. You must have past one of them on the way up. So what do you want?

Rose: Well, actually I am just wandering around. I don’t get to see the inside of castles or mansions unless they are abandoned or full of monsters.

Fairwind: Ah yes, I remember those days.

What? Don’t look at me like that. I was a cleric in an adventuring party. I saw my share of blood and death.

But those days are over. I grew tired of barely escaping death. Now the life of a noble bores me to death. Oh well, I guess you have to always have something to bitch about.

Rose: True.

Fairwind: Anyways Rose, I know that you are part of that band of adventurers that Pelltar brought here. When everything has settled down around here, I will give you a tour of the castle. Deal?

Rose: Baroness, you are too kind! It would be a pleasure. I shall depart for now.

Rose may not be able to charm women in the same way Fabio does, but she has her own ways.

We leave the mansion, passing by Gelpas’ suspicious eyes. Once outside Fabio feels he can talk freely.

Aegon: Did you really have to say all that?#

Fabio: To Andrella? Yes. She is a sweet kid but she believes in all that romance garbage. It is easy enough to say, I am a bard. Acting comes natural to me. Sigh. I guess it is my fault. I bought her several romance books while in Sigil. She really took to them. Now her world is one big romance story.

Aegon: With you being the main hero, right? So you were just acting out a part for her benefit?

Fabio: Oh sure. What? Do you think I really like her?

Aegon: You sounded convincing to me. It was way too much. What, with the “top secret” stuff and all.

Fabio: But she likes all that mystery and intrigue. And besides…, er, why am I telling you all this?

Aegon: Just send me a wedding invite, will you?

Fabio: Wedding? Me? Andrella? Oh, very funny.

To the south-east we find a small house. It turns out to be a makeshift hospital. We talk to the acolyte inside.

Rose: Tell me about Phaulkon, if you could.

Acolyte of Phaulkon: Phaulkon is the god of rangers and druids. His teachings are to care for the wilderness.

He also controls the weather. So you see, in Restenford, he is worshipped by all. The farmers, fishermen and merchants alike are affected by his presence.

Rose: Could I see your services?

Acolyte of Phaulkon: Of course, my sister… please come with me.

He sells the usual services of a priest: healing, resurrections, potions, and so on. We ask him if he can identify the sword we found in the trapped chest. He tells us it is the Varscona. A deadly weapon infused with the spirit of a Sharran priestess fits well in the hands of a man who loves women, so Fabio replaces his long sword with it.

On the east side of the castle we learn that guard aren’t going to say anything interesting no matter what. Maybe we should just give up trying to talk to them.

To the north of the mansion we find a tower. This must be Pelltar’s tower. Perhaps he is here and we can talk to him about what he expects of us before we return.

We go up.

Until we reach the top floor.

He isn’t here, but we have a library to explore. Perhaps we can find something in the books he keeps. A clue. Or maybe some spells. I find a history book I haven’t read before and I sit down to read it as would back in the Keep.

The Western Heartlands, where Bhaal perished… The monks of Candlekeep often sing of him. Now they are lands of adventure. Perhaps I could go there after I find my father’s killer.

We find another tome, but the language it is written in is alien to us. Something tells us we should keep it, however.

We also find the seventh volume of the History of the North, but I have read this one before.

In one bookcase we find several scrolls. The first is Obscuring Mist. This could be used both to protect or to hinder opponents, depending on the situation. I copy this one to my spellbook.

The next spell is much more powerful. It would be beyond our abilities to memorise, so I store it in my Scroll Pouch.

There is also a Scroll of Blur, a useful protection spell. I am able to scribe this to my spell book as well.

A Scroll of Mirror Image completes the set. Another protection spell, though this one is beyond our abilities to scribe at the moment.

Among the other books in the library we find the ninth volume of the History of Shadowdale. It is another book I have not yet read.

Not too interesting. This whole book could easily be summed up as “Doust ruled Myth Drannor for 5 years”.

Among the other books we find the History of the Dead Three, The History of Chosen of Mystra, and the History of the Unicorn Run. The latter is the only one that is new to me.

The source of all life. Destroying it could be the greatest act of murder…

We also find a copy of The History of the Fateful Coin. When I see it I feel shivers down my spine. Someone once told me that my coin is on its edge. But lately I have felt that Besheba had called the coin toss when I was born.

The desk here has a locked draw. Unfortunately even Cat and Mur’Neth working together can’t get the lock open.

We decide it best to leave before Pelltar finds we have raided his library. We had hoped to find more information in this castle, or to at least talk to Pelltar again.

Perhaps our answers lie further away from the town’s center.

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