Errand Boy

2 Mirtul 1368

I head towards the main gate to find Fuller and ask about Dreppin’s antidote. On my way I bump into Jondalar, a combat trainer here in the Keep.

The rest of the dialogue is just tutorial text explaining the controls.

Jondalar asks for one last sparring session before I leave. We start to fight when an arrow strikes me in the back. Cat leaps to my defense and scratches Jondalar.

Cat scares Jondalar enough for him to give up.

I appreciate the lesson, but that arrow actually hurt! Before I can say anything Erik and Jondalar run away, off to start a fight elsewhere, I guess.

We are near the Storehouse and I see Reevor beckoning me over.

Aegon the Ratslayer! Perhaps my legend will be ridding the Keep of this obviously terrible threat. Cat and I head inside. It seems there are more than just rats in here.

Aegon: I hope you’ve the will to back up those words.

Mendas: Aye, that I do. The will AND the way. Shall we get to business then?

He doesn’t know what he’s in for. He won’t be the first person I’ve killed today. Cat digs his claws deep into the assassin.

The cat keeps tearing at him and Mendas starts bleeding out.

This familiar is pretty powerful.

The rats are swarming us now, but we easily kill them all.

A second assassin? Why are people suddenly trying to kill me? Gorion must know. This must be why he wants to leave. I must push him for answers as soon as I see him.

I search the assassin’s corpse. He has some studded leather armour, a short sword, as well as some coins.

He also carries a note that I take a look at. It’s a bounty notice.

Someone has offered 200 coins for my head? No wonder there are people out to get me. But who would want to kill a mere errand boy in Candlekeep?

I search the rest of the storeroom and find a silver ring. It’s probably not worth much, but it’s something.

I go back outside. I decide not to tell Reevor about the assassin. It’ll be a nice surprise for him when he checks on my work…

Only 5 coins? Well I guess he thinks I only killed a few rats.

I head down to the gate where I finally find Fuller.

Now I have to fetch a sword as well? Will the errands ever cease?

So I head over to the barracks and I get approached by the Gatewarden.

Aegon: Gorion’s in a hurry, Gatewarden, and I’m afraid I can’t spare the time. Sorry…

Gatewarden: Are ye sure, little one? It would be best ye took the time to learn it now rather than curse yer ignorance later. Gorion himself arsked me to do this deed and I’ll not offer it to ye twice.

Aegon: Very well, then. Teach me what you can for I have much to learn.

Gatewarden: Good, then, child. `Tis one thing to maintain control o’ yourself in the heat of battle but ’tis quite another to maintain one’s authority o’er a group. I’ve arsked Obe the illusionist to run through a few simulations fer ye down in the storage cellars. Just follow me this way an’ I’ll unlock the door fer ye…

Cat and I follow him and we end up in a large cellar where several armed people stand. Obe introduces his illusionary friends.

This is another tutorial, explaining how to do combat with a full party. I’ll skip most of the dialogue.

He explains the scenario. The other people here are illusions, and they will fight alongside me. He will also summon some illusory monsters. It’s my job to direct the rest of the party and defeat the illusory monsters.

He then casts a spell and several illusory gibberlings appear!

The illusions and I charge the gibberlings and start taking them down easily.

We finish them off and Obe asks if I want more.

Aegon: I think I’ve had enough, just take me outside.

Obe: Okay then. Once I teleport you outside, you’re not going to be able to get back in here again. This is for your own protection, as the illusions I use can sometimes be dangerous.

Why does it feel like everyone is trying to hurt me today? He teleports me outside, next to the clinic. Isn’t that where I’d find Sir Trun? I wonder how he’s doing after losing his arm. I head inside.

I see a man with one arm by a bed near the back. I approach him.

The character model actually has 2 arms – I guess there’s no model for a one-armed man in the engine by default.

Aegon: Are you Sir Trun? I talked with your fiancée. The poor woman doesn’t feel well at all.

Sir Trun sighs.

Sir Trun: I know, and it tortures me that I am incapable of helping her. It… it is like I am paralyzed…

My injury is no reason for my behavior toward her. I… I fell in love with a beautiful young maiden and proposed to her, and now…

Aegon: You can’t handle the thought she might be stronger than you?

Sir Trun: No, no, not that. I…

He sighs again.

Since she already talked to you, it won’t hurt if I do so, too. Actually I feel a great urge to talk about this with someone who cares to listen.

We got into an unexpected fight. Everything was going well. Then all of a sudden, one of the creatures sunk its teeth into my arm. I wasn’t able to free myself, and it was dragging me toward the portal… There was a pain at my shoulder, and next thing I knew, I was lying in front of the portal, watching it close behind the last of the monsters. Linda was standing beside me, pale as a ghost, my sword in her hands.

She saved my life the only way it was possible in that moment, by chopping off my arm.

I am not talking about the loss of my arm. That was lost the moment the monster bit into it. I… What I mean…

Aegon: What bothers you is her sudden foresight and prowess. Not only did she understand the only way to save you, she also *did* it in what must have been a timeframe of mere seconds. And all that despite the fact she is “only” the daughter of a noble house.

Sir Trun: That… yes… yes, that’s it! That is what keeps troubling me. She is completely inexperienced, if it comes to fighting, yet she… acts like a long-established knight! I couldn’t have done it better, had I been in her position.

The… the sensible detachment she showed by cutting off another’s arm, if it was the only way to save him… How much experience must one gain, how many friends must one lose in battle before developing this insight? She… just did it, when it was necessary. My poor Linda! Surely she is terribly frightened. But… how should I confront her, after being so distant toward her… All she did was save me!

Aegon: There is only one possibility. Linda has to learn how to fight, so you will have to teach her. Take her as your squire.

Sir Trun: I beg your pardon? That is absurd. She is a young maiden, innocent and frail…

Aegon: And she shows the fighting prowess of an experienced knight. There is much more to your fiancée than you thought, Sir Trun.

Sir Trun: Wait… I… I see, what you mean. It is hidden inside her, isn’t it? The gift shows differently in different people. Some know from early childhood where their path will lead. For others, the revelation comes all of a sudden, as a great surprise.

Yes, it seems the only way to go forward, and leave this horrible memory behind us. She made the first step onto this path. To expect her to return to her former life would be cruel… and unrealistic. I will go to her now. I’ll be approaching her with an unusual present for a woman of her origin: my sword.

My body recovered a long time ago. It was my mind that felt injured and wouldn’t come to rest. You dragged me out of my thoughts and despair, and I thank you deeply! We are in your debt.

Now I will go to her… I am eager to see how she will react. Is she really ready for this? I am also bothered by what to tell her parents, who imagine their daughter on an educational journey in Candlekeep…

He smiles wearily.

Farewell, in case we don’t meet again. May Tyr protect you.

As he leaves one thought stays in my mind. The gift shows differently in different people. I killed two people today with no hesitation. They attacked, and I reacted. Do I really have “the gift”? What path have I started walking today?

I see the Reader working here, but he’s too busy to talk.

The resident priest is more helpful though.

Aegon: Yes, that would be nice of you.

After Erik hurt me with that arrow, and with assassins attacking me left and right, I feel I may need some healing. He gives me a healing potion.

I make my way to the barracks to find Hull’s sword and Dreppin’s potion. On my way I find 15 coins outside a bunkhouse.

I wonder if I can find more inside. I go into the bunkhouse and find yet another assassin.

Aegon: And what business is that of yours?

Carbos: I’ll make it my business if’n I please. Just thought I’d have me look at you for myself, before I puts a blade down your gullet! Someone seems to think you’re trouble, so I’m gonna use your head for a ticket out o’ the gutter! I’m just a little street trash hood they say, but I’ll show ’em!

He manages to cut me, but Cat is already tearing into him.

Cat takes him down easily. I love my familiar!

That makes three assassins now. What is happening to this place? How many more will I need to kill before I get out of here?

I take the assassin’s dagger and search the room. I find a Scroll of Monster Summoning I in a barrel at the back of the room. I fail to memorise it again.

I leave, and a rather worried looking Karan approaches me.

Aegon: He’s… He’s dead, whoever he was. He lunged at me with a knife. Oh, Karan, what is happening to this place?

Karan: It’s not this place, child. It’s you they’re after. Gorion is waiting for you on the steps to the central library and wants you to go as soon as you have bought what you need at the Inn. Oh, Aegon, I have been your tutor for so many years and only in this moment have I come to doubt that my teachings have been enough. Go to Gorion, child. It is safe for you here no longer.

Wait. They know? They know assassins are coming for me? And they didn’t warn me? What is going on?

I pause for a moment. There’s only one thing I can do right now. The Great Errand Boy must finish his chores. But I will have questions for father later.

I find the barracks nearby.

Inside I find a hungover Watcher.

Aegon: Yeah, the mead would explain why Hull forgot to put his sword on this morning. He sent me to fetch it for him.

Fuller: Sure, sure. It should be in the chest over against the wall right there.

Inside the chest I find an antidote for Dreppin’s cow. These are usually hangover cures in this place.

Hull’s sword is also here. It’s a good quality sword.

I also help myself to a few goodberries that I find here.

On my way out I ask Fuller if he has any errands he wants me to run.

Crossbow bolts. Got it. I swear the Watchers would show up to their shifts naked if I didn’t fetch all their equipment for them.

When I leave the barracks I am approached by Linda.

Linda: Maybe… maybe he will fall in love with his fighting squire just as he fell in love with the maiden once… Maybe. For now he has a task as a knight, as do I as a squire.

May Lathander bless you with all his power. Farewell.

I feel like a new legend has begun. I hope the bards will sing of them some day.

I go back to Fuller at his post.

Wow. How rude. I won’t be missing the Watchers when I finally get out of this place.

Dreppin is much happier to get the antidote he needs.

I need to get Fuller’s bolts, but first I should pick up Firebead’s scroll. Tethtoril usually walks the Inner Grounds so I make my way there.

An Errand Boy’s work is never done, it seems.

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