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Upgrading Butterflies to NeoForge

Changes are on the horizon for the Minecraft Modding community. While I don’t fully understand all the drama, Forge may be on its way out, making NeoForge the new way of making mods. In order to prepare for this new world, I’ve decided to create a 1.20.

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Bottling Butterflies in a Jar

Butterfly nets can only hold one butterfly at a time, and we can’t do anything with them once caught. We will add a new way to interact with them: moving them to jars so they can be put on display.

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Butterflies Part 2: The Rest of the @!#$ Owl

In Part 1 we coded a butterfly entity. Now we need to put the rest of the pieces together, so we can model, render, register, and ultimately spawn butterflies in our Minecraft world!


Every entity needs a model.

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