The most trustworthy of Red Wizards, which isn’t saying much.

Death, Rebirth, and Aaron

What was that? Am I dead? I remember hitting the rocks below the bridge and then.

I am back on the bridge. Everyone is still alive. Imoen is approaching us. She tells us there is a mage and a dwarf warrior waiting in ambush.

Didn’t do this I already.

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Bridge to the Gnoll Stronghold

The Troupe’s journey to the Gnoll Stronghold has been fraught with hordes of xvarts and ogres. They recently came across the soul of Marina, who confirmed her fiancé, Aaron was taken to the Gnoll Stronghold. Their mission now is to rescue both Aaron and the witch, Dynaheir.

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Spirits of the Cloud Peaks

16 Mirtul 1368

We leave the cave and head northward, where we encounter a creature that resembles a female elf with green skin and hair. She appears to be a Dryad, a forest spirit I have only read about in books.

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Ghosts and Xvarts

13 Mirtul 1368

The Gnolls have a stronghold to the west of Nashkel where they are holding captives, including Minsc’s witch, Dynaheir. We have prepared ourselves for an expedition, however there is still one more thing to do before we leave.

We make our way to Nashkel’s south bridge.

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