The main component of a Minecraft world.


Modelling and Animating Caterpillars

Everyone knows that butterflies come from caterpillars. The next stage in the life cycle is for butterfly eggs to hatch into caterpillars. So we will add caterpillars to our mod that will hatch from the eggs we created last time.

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Laying Butterfly Eggs in Leaves

Butterflies lay eggs that eventually become caterpillars. Caterpillars then feed on leaves until they are fat enough to become a chrysalis. Finally, they morph into a butterfly before breaking out of the chrysalis. The next step for our mod is to implement butterfly eggs.

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Bottling Butterflies in a Jar

Butterfly nets can only hold one butterfly at a time, and we can’t do anything with them once caught. We will add a new way to interact with them: moving them to jars so they can be put on display.

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