Hengshan Park – Places You Might Miss

Hengshan Park's Central Pavilion

The French Municipal Council built Hengshan Park in August 1925. During construction, they took 5000 tonnes of mud from XuJiaHui River. They used the mud to fill out the low-lying channel to the north of the park. Afterwards, they built a pavilion on top and planted many arbour trees. In May 1926 they opened the park to foreign visitors only, like many other parks in Shanghai at the time.

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Hotpot Weekend in Shanghai

Cooking up some plants

There are many varieties of the infamous hotpot in China. In general they all consist of the same basic idea: dipping cold things into soup and boiling the flavour into them. In Shanghai it is possible to get many of them, so over the course of a weekend we tried a couple.

Beijing Hotpot. Again

We had already tried Beijing Hotpot, but we were wandering around Shanghai looking for food and Yi really wanted to have it again.

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Children of Bodom @ MAO Livehouse

Children of Bodom

I found out at another gig that Children of Bodom were playing MAO Livehouse in Shanghai this month so, being starved of metal, I was quick to scoop up tickets.

The day came, but on our way to the gig we realised that we had forgotten our tickets. Going back to get them made us late for the gig.

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Mongolian Metal Mosh Pit at Midi Festival


A climbing wall, because why not?

The Midi Festival runs every year in Pudong in Shanghai. Some of our friends from the Mansion were running one of the stages, so we donned our raincoats and followed them there.

Ready to take on the rain and the mud.

The festival was a lot less busy than any we’ve been to in England. There were no official campsites at the festival, but this didn’t stop people from camping near the stages.

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Shanghai International Beer Festival

In its third year running, Shanghai has been running a beer festival on Wharf 86. With a great view of the Bund you can listen to live music and drink the best beer China has to offer. You will be surprised not only at the import beer, but the home brew beer that can be found here.

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Petit Cat Cafe

One night we were wandering around Xintiandi and found ourselves on NonChang road, where we almost walked past the Petit Cat Cafe. A sign on the road points the way into a small alleyway. We wandered in and we found the cafe surrounded by cats (most of whom scarpered as soon as they saw us).

Discovering the cat cafe.

Inside the cafe was only a single cat.

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Dive Bar Graffiti Artist

There’s a dive bar near my place of work in Shanghai known as C’s (not sure what the C stands for…).  In my first month in Shanghai I went there with my girlfriend where she taught me the infamous DICE GAME that rattles across many pubs in China.  It was your typical dive bar:  low maintenance, cheap alcohol, and plenty of graffiti scrawled across the wall in marker pen (mostly black).

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