A country I lived in for over ten years.


China’s Biggest Bar Crawl?

When I lived in China I started a journey that ended up with potentially the largest bar crawl in China. It was an amazing event, and a lot of fun was had by all involved. But I’m hoping that this year the record will be broken.

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Yin Yang Festival: Party on the Great Wall

One of the seven wonders of the world can be found in China. So, of course, the one time I visited it was when there was a music festival. For six years, The Mansion Project of Shanghai would run the Yin Yang Festival on the Great Wall in Tianjin.

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Hengshan Park – Places You Might Miss

The French Municipal Council built Hengshan Park in August 1925. During construction, they took 5000 tonnes of mud from XuJiaHui River. They used the mud to fill out the low-lying channel to the north of the park. Afterwards, they built a pavilion on top and planted many arbour trees.

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