Shanghai International Beer Festival

In its third year running, Shanghai has been running a beer festival on Wharf 86. With a great view of the Bund you can listen to live music and drink the best beer China has to offer. You will be surprised not only at the import beer, but the home brew beer that can be found here. Most of the beer tends to come from local Shanghai pubs, however there are some Beijing pubs with stands here as well.

The lights point you towards the entrance.

One of my favourites this time was the Pochos stand – they had a good atmosphere going and were serving beer mixed with tequila and lime (or tequila and spice if you’re really brave).

A view of the infamous Bund from the beer festival.

After having drank enough beer you can dance the night away and hopefully remain sober enough to stumble into a taxi on the way home.

A small tip: the nicer beer tends to be the locally brewed beer. I decided to get some London Pride for nostalgia purposes and it tasted awful.

The Shanghai International Beer Festival runs once a year during beer week in Shanghai.

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