Mongolian Metal Mosh Pit at Midi Festival

Climbing Wall
A climbing wall, because why not?

The Midi Festival runs every year in Pudong in Shanghai. Some of our friends from the Mansion were running one of the stages, so we donned our raincoats and followed them there.

Raincoat ready
Ready to take on the rain and the mud.

The festival was a lot less busy than any we’ve been to in England. There were no official campsites at the festival, but this didn’t stop people from camping near the stages.

People camp right next to the stage.

The dance tent being run by the Mansion had DJs playing electronic music and, due to the rain, was probably the busiest part of the festival.

We wandered around and ended up in a tame mosh pit dancing to a Mongolian metal band called “Nine Treasures” (九宝). Their music was based on traditional Mongolian music, and it reminded me a lot of Celtic metal.

Mongolian Metal
Nine Treasures delivers Mongolian metal.

Other bands we saw were a variety of Chinese and Western bands, including Israeli metal band Orphaned Land.

Israeli Rock
Orphaned Land.

After seeing several bands and getting not-too excessively drunk we wandered back to the Mansion’s tent and danced until we were ready to drop.

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