The Joy of Toy Collections

I’m probably the least materialistic person I know. I hate having stuff. I’m always trying to get rid of everything I own. Not in a “relinquish your Earthly tethers” kind of way, I’m just not someone who likes to be burdened with things. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying other people showing off their collections.

Tim Rowett, a.k.a. Tim the Toyman, is an expert on toys. His enthusiasm for them has led to him being perhaps the most prolific collector of toys on the planet. Working with former TV producers Hendrik Ball and George Auckland, Tim started presenting videos for Grand Illusions, a channel now dedicated to Tim showing off his collection.

The short videos are always enjoyable to watch. Tim’s enthusiasm for his collection shines through as he excitedly moves through the selection he’s chosen to present that day. The videos are in-part an advertisement for the Grand Illusions store, and Tim will always mention when an item in his collection is available to buy. But the store is merely a means for the Toyman to do what he loves.

At over 80 years old, he still has a platform to present his fantastic collection to the world. Many of the items in his collection are true antiques, fun devices he discovered at trade shows, or old products that are no longer manufactured. The channel is a virtual museum, and with hundreds of videos you could spend hours wandering around and discovering quirky and wonderful inventions and ideas.

His passion is infectious, and I think that’s what makes the channel so enjoyable to watch. It’s hard to fake a genuine love for something, so when you know it’s real you can feel it. We may not have the time and energy to create a collection like this ourselves, but here is a man who is happy to do it for is, actually enjoys doing it, and just wants to share the things he has found. And I think this makes Grand Illusions the most genuine and pure passion project on YouTube right now,.

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