H.Bomberguy’s Massive Rants

H.Bomberguy is another also started out talking mostly about video games. Lately he’s been creating documentaries disguised as video rants that have levelled up his channel, covering topics from autism to plagiarism to flat earth. Now, instead of being merely entertaining, he’s an objectively good YouTuber.

I wasn’t a major fan of H.Bomberguy at first. I didn’t dislike him, I enjoyed his content. I just wouldn’t have called him one of the best YouTubers out there.

He would talk about video games, analysing what made them good and bad. These videos were entertaining, and being an industry professional, I enjoyed listening to them.

He developed a style when making these videos. He almost sounded like he was ranting from his mother’s basement, but it wasn’t overdone. It was just the right level of tongue-in-cheek that it was more funny than cringe.

At one point he started a series of “Measured Responses” in which he would talk about real life topics, and why people were wrong. Dan Olson jokingly says in his Flat Earth video that he delayed its release because Hbomberguy did a video on it first.

The first time he really blew me away was when he did a Measured Response to vaccines causing autism. He does something that no one else seems to have done before: he reads the original paper to see what evidence there actually was. It’s both hilarious and terrifying how inconclusive the evidence actually is. I’ll let you watch the video rather than spoil everything here.

By far my favourite of his videos is a rant that documents his descent into madness trying to find out where a Roblox sound effect originated. The rabbit hole he ends up going down is quite spectacular, and is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

The video that pushes the channel to another level in my mind is his video on Plagiarism. Like his other videos it is humourously ranty, but also very good at calling out and explaining plagiarism and how it happens. But it takes on a more serious tone when he talks about the real damage that plagiarism can do to communities, especially marginalised ones.

So I highly recommend his channel. If you like video games you’ll probably enjoy all his videos, but if not you should still check out his non-videogame content, especially his Measured Responses. The videos I’ve talked about here are what I think make him and objectively good YouTuber.

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