Better Looking Minecraft Avatars

There are a few mods I use to make Steve (or whatever you call your Minecraft character) look better. As with other mods I’ve reviewed, these are simple, client-side mods that add extra touches to the game without changing anything about the gameplay.


Not Enough Animations, a mod by tr7zw, aims to improve third-person animations. It adds eating animations, rowing animations, horse-riding animations, and also improves default animations by making them smoother. It’s a completely client-side mod, so can be used by anyone playing the game.

Another simple mod by tr7zw, Wavey Capes adds animations to capes. It’s a small thing, but I enjoy seeing the capes move as you run around the world.

YDM’s Weapon Master

YourDailyModderx made the Weapon Master mod, which adds models of all the equipment you are carrying to your avatar. This is one of my favourite mods, characters look amazing when you can see their other equipment stashed on their belts or on their backs. There is both a client and a multiplayer version – with the multiplayer version allowing you to see other character’s equipment.

There is a slight change in multiplayer gameplay in that you will be able to see other tools characters have in their hotbar, which could provide a slight advantage in PVP servers. If you see a crossbow strapped to someone’s back, you can be ready for it.

Still, it’s an excellent mod if you don’t mind this change. It can be a great way to show off how well equipped you are. Make other players envious when they see you have a full set of netherite tools.

I love simple mods like these. It helps to immerse you into the world a little more without changing anything substantial. All these little details make the world feel a little more dynamic and, in my opinion, make for a more enjoyable experience.

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