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I had a weird dream the other day. I guess all dreams are weird. I fell asleep listening to a video about invisible walls in Super Mario 64 and it must have inspired the bizarre adventure I went on in my slumber.

I was spending time with a group of friends and they told me about this strange bar that existed nearby. It was a moving bar, a glass window that they would block the road with. If you can find it you would get free beers all night at a bar made of glass, but you had to be careful not to literally walk or crash into the Invisible Bar.

We decided to hop on to a tuk tuk bus to try and find this legendary bar. The tuk tuk sped through the night as the drunken man next to me told me he knew of every single invisible block in every video game ever released, and then continued to start explaining each one, starting from the original Super Mario Bros.

Eventually we got close to where we thought the bar would be and the tuk tuk drove into an alley. We realised that we had it wrong – the Invisible Bar was on the next street along. But this road was a dead end and the tuk tuk couldn’t turn around. After a log time trying to figure out how to reverse out of an alley while continuing to hear about invisible blocks in various games (he was up to Legend of Zelda at this point), I slowly woke up.

The discourse about invisible blocks continued and I didn’t realise I was awake at first. At some point I noticed I was still listening to the Super Mario 64 video and figured it must have inspired the dream I just had.

But the dream may have inspired something in real life. I’ve always run bars at Dragon Burn, and the idea of an Invisible Bar is an interesting one. A bar at Black Rock City made entirely of glass (well plastic is probably safer), a see-through bar, could actually be pretty fun.

It’s not a project that I could commit to anytime soon, but perhaps one day there will be an Invisible Bar in the Nevada desert.

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