Secrets of Haiku, the Robot

As I’ve finished Haiku, the Robot, I started exploring a little more to learn some of its secrets. I’ve finally 100 percented the game, but there’s still a bit more to this game, as well as a challenge I may take on in the near future.

Obscure Info

The Obscure Info DLC adds some extra content to the game. Before you can access it, however, you need to defeat all bosses in the world. After this, the gate to Old Arcadia will open.

Once through the gate, you are faced with a small obstacle course, followed by a boss. This one is quite difficult, though not as difficult as fighting the three creators.

After defeating this boss you are faced with a long path that will force you to use all of your abilities to get through it. Once you complete it, you are rewarded with the ability to fight all the bosses in the game again, as well as a boss rush challenging you to face the bosses in the game one after the other.

If you want more of a challenge, you can make the bosses even harder by choosing to disable either healing, or all of your special abilities.

There is one final secret here, however. If you use a Rusty Key you can unlock a door that leads to a trapped Bulbet. Following will lead you to a secret area. If you teleport through the wall at the right point, you will find a secret room, and the reason why robots have taken over the world.

Humans imbued the machines with their memories, their intelligence, and their personalities. They knew that they were doomed, but at the very least, their minds could live on in the machines.

Power Cells

Returning to the Mainframe you will meet Rusty one last time. He leaves you with an important parting gift, Power Cell Markers.

With these you can track down any Power Cells you might have missed and deliver them to Quatern.

Once you have collected all of the power cells, Quatern will use them to resurrect his lost love. They will be reunited, and you will get an achievement.


When you have collected all the capsule fragments in the game, and have had Rondel repair them all, you will find him with his brother Lune (the robot that writes poetry). Now that they are reunited you will gain another achievement.


It turns out that the lift in the Factory Facility is actually a robot. If you get underneath him as he is moving down, he will stop and you can then talk to him.

Splunk’s Home

During the game you will come across Splunk’s home. It turns out you can destroy it for an achievement. It’s cruel, but if you want to get all the achievements…


In the remains of the human society that has since been wiped out there is a basketball court with broken hoops. Jump through the one that isn’t as broken, and you will get an achievement.

Remaining Challenges

I’ve made 100% of the main game now. But I still have a couple of achievements and a new game mode to try out.

The Wrench is the single most important item in the game. But to get one of the last achievements, you need to play through the entire game without it. That means you won’t be able to repair/auto-repair yourself, and will have to rely on save points in order to heal.

Corrupt Mode is a new game mode which is much harder. You only have 1 health, and many of the robots that are allies in the base game are now corrupted with the virus. The story is supposed to be different in this mode, and it looks like something interesting to try out.

I think I’m ready to move onto the next game for now, but I definitely want to come back and do these challenges at some point. This game has been really fun, but overall a bit too easy. Perhaps these modes will give me more of that challenge that I’m looking for.

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