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That Time We Pranked a Burn

The Shanghai Cacophony Society (also known as the Raccoon Society) are pranksters of compassion. As members we try to invent shenanigans that will trick, confuse, and delight people. One year at Dragon Burn we started a new theme camp that was less than it seemed.

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Exploring Cities of the Past

OneDrive has an “Explore” tag that automatically sorts all your pictures into categories for you. I though it might be fun to grab pictures from a specific tag and see what stories they can tell. Here are all the images categorised under “City”, and the story behind each.

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Give Up Plastic, Save the World

How to Give Up Plastic, a book by Will McCallum, is a guide to the problem of single-use plastic and how to solve it. Our throwaway culture has led to a crisis that is killing birds, destroying sea life, and is even poisoning humans.

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