Proving Myself to the Gods

After her untimely death, Thora sought to prove herself to the gods so that she may enter Valhalla. Exploring the realms of Norse purgatory, she earned gifts from the gods and fought the Jotun of old. With only one Jotun left to slay, she is coming close to proving herself worthy of the afterlife.

As with the others, I found the Fire Jotun Kaunan difficult to defeat at first. The early stages of every boss require patience and skill, dodging attacks while slowly chipping away at their health. After you take away half of its health, its attacks become more intense, but you can learn their patterns and avoid them.

This is the stage where you start to use your powers and do some real damage. As long as you time everything right, you can defeat the last Jotun with a fair amount of ease. This takes practice, but eventually you will get there.

After defeating Kaunan you will learn, as I was expecting, that there is yet one more challenge to complete. You will walk past the busts of the dev team, through a door guarded by two crows. You will see the crows Huginn and Muninn again on the shoulders of Odin, god of gods.

Your final challenge is to defeat Odin in battle. His spears will home in on you. He will summon the Jotun to help him. The battle will be beyond challenging. This will be the battle where you learn to use all of your abilities to their best utility.

A turning point in this challenge came after I learned you could destroy the spears by attacking them. Before this, they were a bane – constantly homing in on and eventually becoming impossible to dodge. You still have to time it right, but being able to destroy them is a game changer.

The other way to get rid of them is by using Loki’s Decoy ability. They will hit the decoy and destroy themselves instead of hurting you. You can only do this twice, however, so use this ability wisely.

Eventually, after a lot of practice and almost as much luck, you will defeat Odin. Then Thora will earn her reward and ascend to Valhalla.

After the credits play out you will notice that there is a new option unlocked: Valhalla Mode. This is an extra mode where you can fight all the bosses again, only they are even more challenging than they were in the main game.

I haven’t had the chance to play through all of these challenging bosses yet, and I definitely haven’t defeated any. But perhaps one day I will take on these Jotun as well, though I’m not sure what gods I will be proving myself to at this point.

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