60 Parsecs! My First Ending

I completed another game! I managed a run where I reached the end. It wasn’t easy, and cost a lot, but I did it. I’m on my way to finishing more games in my Steam Library.

I chose April as my captain, and managed to get a full complement of crew in my escape pod. Unfortunately food was light and I still couldn’t save Emmet from starving to death. We landed on Mootopia and I started sending the crew on expeditions. Everything came to a halt when we couldn’t figure out how to translate a communication. We needed a guide book to do it.

Eventually we figured out we could upgrade the crafting system to get the book, but not before I lost the rest of my crew to deadly expeditions. Now alone, I had to defend against Death Robots, while making contact with escaped alien convicts. The Petersons (intelligent alien cockroaches) moved in to the escape pod, and I helped the convicts repair their ship.

It was risky to trust them, but it was worth it. They took me in and we escaped the planet together. And I got my first ever victory screen in this game.

Each of the crewmembers also get ending stories. However, in this case they weren’t very wholesome endings.

Of course, the captain gets a much better ending having survived the journey to the end. Perhaps she’ll go after those Death Robots next.

Over the course of my runs I learned a few things that helped. There’s probably still a lot more to learn – I’d like to have a run where at least some of my crew survive. But I’ve got a good start.

You Will Go Hungry
You might be tempted to feed your crew as soon as they go hungry. Unless you have an excess of soup this is a bad idea. Your crew will survive if they are hungry, just make sure they get some soup if the are starving.

Medicine First, Then Food
Make sure you have a Med-Kit as often as possible. You or your crew getting hurt means they will die soon, if they grow weak they are close to death. If you don’t have a First Aid Kit available it takes 3 turns to craft one, and sometimes they won’t last that long.

After that, just craft as much Soup as possible. This is going to be a long journey, and your crew needs to eat.

Crafting System Upgrades
Upgrading your crafting system is important, especially if you don’t have a Guide Book or a Communicator. There are certain stages of the game that are gated by these items, and if you didn’t pick them up in the space station, this will be the only way to get these items.

Resources Require Expeditions
The easiest way to acquire resources for crafting is through expeditions. Be careful though, as expeditions can be risky – even deadly. If you have everything you need already it might be better to keep your crew within the safe confines of the escape pod.

That’s it for now. The next achievement in this game is to reach an ending as Emmet. If I decide to keep playing, that’s what I’m going to go for next.

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