Thermo Sudoku: Puzzles Galore

The Pandemic and Cracking the Cryptic have led to a resurgence in Sudoku popularity, so Studio Goya teamed up with Cracking the Cryptic to bring a large collection of Sudoku puzzles. With a simple interface and a well curated collection, this game is a nice way to pass the time for puzzle enthusiasts everywhere.

Studio Goya has several Sudoku games, each one themed around a particular special rule. This game is based around the thermo rules. In this variant, the Sudoku will have one or more “thermometers”. On these thermometers numbers must increase in value from the bulb end. It adds an extra bit of logic that can make the Sudoku more interesting to solve.

The puzzles are curated by the development team and the Cracking the Cryptic team. Many have been crafted specifically for the game, but some are created by well known setters. These puzzles are credited within the game itself.

The interface is adequate for playing Sudoku, however I wish it was closer to SudokuPad as it lacks a few features. One particular gripe is that undo/redo are bound to N/M. Several times I’ve instinctively hit ctrl-Z, and ended up having to figure out how to fix my annotations.

Despite this, it is a great collection of puzzles, and all their Sudoku games are great additions to you library if you are a puzzle fanatic.

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