Walking the Cliffs of Howth

While waiting for my Chinese visa in Dublin, I decided to do a spot of hiking. I found that Howth would be a nice walk on the outskirts of the city, so I picked a random route and set out on my way. I didn’t realise I’d picked the hardest route…

If it wasn’t for the Seagulls it would be easy to forget that Dublin is a coastal city. But Dublin is home to many beaches, and the beaches of Howth lead into a cliff walk that give you great views of the Irish Sea and of Dublin Bay.

The first leg of the route is along the cliffs near the town of Howth. There is a place to take a break with a coffee shop along the way. Walking this stretch you will see toward Great Britain but, of course, the island is too far away to actually see.

If you take the longer route you will end up on the cliffs to the south facing Dublin Bay. As long as you don’t get lost like I did, you will also come across some hidden beaches. This part of the walk can be very quiet, and can be a good way to experience the bliss of solitude.

Finally you will end up crossing the peninsula back toward Howth. There will be a few cattle farms along this part of the route. There are also two peaks you can detour to along the way. I wasn’t feeling up to it by the time I got to this part, but if I went back I would take the time to see those views.

The most dangerous part of the walk is crossing the golf course. Keep an eye out for anybody hitting a golf ball your way.

As you get to the last few kilometers of the route and return to Howth you will encounter some legal street art.

At the end of my walk I was hungry and also needed a pint. I went to the Bloody Stream and was happy to fill up with a steak and Guinness pie. And a pint of Guinness on the side, of course.

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