Whisky beer island of green and fight.


Getting Caught in the Box

Last week after a tragic attack Dublin’s city center exploded into riots. Supposedly protesting against immigrants destroying the city, they went on to loot, burn, and destroy the city. I was caught in the center of these riots and was at one point scared I wouldn’t get out safely.

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Saint Colmcille’s Holy Well

Geocaching is an app that opens up a world to mysterious treasures. People leave “caches” hidden in many places, and the lets you find where they are. It’s often a good way to find hidden secrets, and sometimes you have no idea what you might stumble across.

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Croagh Patrick: Ireland’s Holiest Mountain

I don’t feel quite ready for Ireland’s highest mountain just yet, so instead I went for the holiest instead. Croagh Patrick, also known as the Reek, is a pilgrimage site where it is said that St. Patrick expelled the snakes from Ireland.

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