I am Bok, a British-born expat living in China. I was born in Lancashire but identify as a ‘plassie-Scouser’. I spent my youth growing up in Cumbria. Here I developed a great taste for exploration, climbing mountains and camping in the wilderness – a taste for travel that has defined my life.

Bok with a pipe!
Bok with a pipe!

I’m usually a beardy man with pointy ears like an elf. I was nicknamed ‘Spock’ when I was in school. That is, I was constantly teased because of my pointy ears and ‘Spock’ was everyone’s favourite taunt. Nowadays I go by several names, including Mark, Jesus, Bok and Brock (but not Spock).

I also enjoy training MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I train three times a week in the hopes that I can replace my pointy ears with cauliflower ears. So far this hasn’t worked.

I lost this one...
I lost this fight…

In my spare time I work as a Senior Server Programmer helping companies to make games.  The growing list of projects I’ve worked on currently stands at:

I am now working for 2K Shanghai on Borderlands Online. Game development in China is very different to game development in the west, so it is an interesting learning experience.

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