10 Things I Did in Brighton

10 Things I Did in Brighton

Brighton is a city that feels extremely ‘touristy’, yet at the same time is an amazing part of the country that has it’s own unique culture.  You’ll meet punks, eat vegetarian (well maybe not, but you can), relax on a rock beach and get drunk watching live music.  For this post, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things I think you should do in Brighton, otherwise known as 10 things I’ve done in Brighton.  To be more accurate, it’s what I did last weekend.

1.  See the Graffiti

There is a lot of of Street art in Brighton, and some of it quite impressive.

2.  Drink Some Kick Arse Coffee

The Marwood is an amazing place to get a coffee.  It feels like an abandoned building and is open until late, so if alcohol isn’t your thing, drink the night away in here instead.

3.  Make a Stone Castle

Relaxing on the beach is always something to do on a sunny day.  Don’t expect any sand though – we had to make our castle out of pebbles.

4. Play Dolphin Derby

On Brighton Pier, just before you hit the rides there is a game called Dolphin Derby.  It is a lot of fun, and you can actually win this one.  We always hit the pier purely to play this game.

5. Drink Rum and Eat Thai Food

St. James‘ Rum Bar serves man different kinds of Rum.  It can get expensive, depending on your tastes.  Oddly, it also serves Thai food.  It’s a good place to start the night before hitting the clubs.

6. Knock Back Some Tuaca

I’m told you can get Tuaca in other places, but it’s very popular in Brighton.  When you need to start getting drunk, this would be the shot of choice.

7. Eat at Grubbs

For street food, Grubbs is amazing.  I’d definitely recommend the Caribbean burgers – onions, relish and pineapples.  What more could you want on a burger?

8. Skinny Dipping

When you leave the clubs drunk and decide to go paddling, take off all your clothes first.  Otherwise your phone might decide to go for a swim, never to be seen again.  Also, because you didn’t bring a change of clothes you’ll have to put up with salty wet clothes for the remainder of the weekend.

9. Eat Breakfast on a Balcony

There are many places to eat a good breakfast in Brighton, and they all cater to vegetarians.  On the end of Kensington Street there is a breakfast bar where you can eat on the balcony.  It’s a bit of a squeeze though, and getting in and out of there is a little tricky, especially with a hangover.

10.  Get Lost

Brighton is a hard town to navigate.  I’ve been there several times and I always get lost – and I’m usually very good at learning how to get around cities.  But getting lost in Brighton is one of the most fun things to do.  There is a lot to see and do here, certainly more than 10.

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