Vampire Survivors: Venture Adventure

Just when I thought I was getting near to finishing Vampire Survivors, they go and add something new. Late last year a new patch was released with an entirely new game mode. Now you can go on unique adventures within the game.


I reached a point where the game can be extremely easy. With the right combination of character, powers and upgrades most games get to a point where you can just stand there and everything dies.

As I was attempting to complete all of the challenges within the game, I got to the goal of finding the Atlas Gate. You can find it by surviving for 7 minutes in Boss Rash.

“Enables base game Adventures”. Huh. I wonder what that is. I kept playing until I had survived long enough. Then, when I returned to the main menu I saw a new game mode had unlocked.


Adventures are described as a “remix” of the base game. Each adventure starts from the beginning again, but provides a unique path for progression. These create a unique story for players to progress through. It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s a fun new element to the game.

After playing the game for so long (72 hours for me at the time of writing), it’s interesting to go back to square one. I’d forgotten how challenging the game was with low fire power and slow movement. It’s fun to meet this challenge again with the skill I’ve gained from playing through the main game.

There are three adventures in the game at the time of writing. Two are based on the core game, while the third uses content from the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. The latter is probably the most interesting remix, as it gives the game more of an ancient oriental feel.

Eventually as you reach the end of each adventure, you will be able to bring in weapons and items from outside of each by purchasing them from a merchant. So you’ll eventually be able to build the huge powerhouses in the new levels as you can in the base game.

What’s great about this is that progress within each adventure is unaffected by the base game, and vice-versa. It gives you a way of “starting again” to recapture that feel you had when you first played the game, without having to erase your progress, and with an extra twist. It’s probably the perfect piece of content poncle could have added for free.

And you can leave the adventure at any time and get back to the fun of creating overpowered builds to meet stronger and stronger challenges.

The End?

I’ve almost seen everything this game has to offer now. I don’t have the Tides of the Foscari or Emergency Meeting DLCs, so I can’t 100% the achievements yet. The latest DLC is a crossover with Among Us, which looks very interesting.

But, I’m trying to finish my Steam Library still, so I’ll finish the adventures and move on for now. I may come back to this game one day, but for the moment it’s time for something completely different.

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