Travelling. Gaming. Drinking.

I haven’t had much chance to play new games recently. I recently got made redundant, and as a result I’ve decided to spend some time travelling the world. The adventure finally starts this week, but I don’t want to forget about gaming and game development.

I started playing a game called Hacknet. It’s interesting, making a sort of game out of hacking servers. While it has simplified a lot of things, it feels interesting to play, and there is an underlying story to it. I haven’t played it enough to have a real opinion on it yet, but I’ll write more about it after I’ve gotten into it a bit more.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Slay the Spire while travelling around on planes. I’m trying to get used to the synergies available in each character so I can (slowly) progress to Ascension 20. It’s damn hard though – A20 players must have a lot of patience.

I also downloaded the mobile version of Vampire Survivors to play while I’m on the move. It’s a bit more challenging playing without a keyboard, and it’s a bit too easy to tap the wrong option while you play. It’s still good fun though, and completely free to play. It technically has IAP, but these are for the full DLCs, which are nothing like the microtransactions that usually infect mobile games.

But today I start my adventure into the unknown. I have no idea where I will end up, or what will happen. I hope to carry on dedicating time to gaming – it’s been my life since I was a toddler after all, but new things are on the horizon. As the Air Cadets drilled into me in my teen years, I’m off to Venture Adventure.

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