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Bandit Leaders in Beregost

Aegon and his troupe have returned to Beregost, hunting those behind the sabotage of the Nashkel Mines. In their letters to Mulahey they showed a connection to the bandits on the Coast, suggesting a larger conspiracy is at play.

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A Mad Wizard and his Friend

Gavin completed Lathander’s quest with the aid of the Troupe, slaying the mad mage Mutamin. During the mission they met Shar-Teel, a human warrior with a strong distaste for men. They now rest in Feldepost’s Inn, ready to decide their next quest.

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Jovial Juggler

8 Mirtul 1368

We have explored most of the homes in Beregost now. We make our way to the south of the town to find the Jovial Juggler, the only inn we haven’t visited. Outside we come across a scene that could be from a play.

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