Stories and Tales from 60 Parsecs!

I’ve been playing a lot of 60 Parsecs! lately, slowly discovering how detailed the game actually is. After several more runs I’ve found a few fun little features and endings. I’m not close to completely finishing the entire game yet, but I’m working on it.

Space Cats

In all my previous runs I would always land on a planet. It’s always an option that fails another objective: Investigate the source of the mysterious transmission in space. I decided to try NOT landing on a planet for once, so I could find the source of this transmission first. It turns out it’s cats.

Their ambassadors spend time on your ship, causing lots of trouble, scratching things, knocking things off tables, reminding each other not to bite the cables. Eventually if you travel with them for long enough you can join them in their quest to find a suitable planet.

Achieving Statistics

I never tried all of the options. It turns out there is a statistics page that tells you of all the things you have done in the game. It seems that finding the cats isn’t the only ending you can find in space – there are actually 14 of them!

There’s also a screen where you can see patches representing all your achievements so far. You can track your achievements through Steam anyway, but it’s fun earn some extra artwork.

Satellite of Love

I went for another space ending and found a sentient ship, obsessed with music and falling in love with satellites. The music is amateur and terrible, doing actual damage to our ears and minds.

Eventually the ship learns how to synthesise music properly, and forms a rock band on an alien space ship with the crew.

I think I love this ending.

Robot Traitor

While following the musically untalented ship, we had to deal with sabotage on our own ship. We find out there has been a traitor among us all along: Baby is a robot. Sorry, android.

He gets shot and thrown out of an airlock, as he deserves. He also doesn’t get to join the awesome rock band at the end of the journey.

Doom of the Phobian

The last couple of runs I end up losing most of my crew to starvation, before picking up a strange creature that was struggling for life.

I managed to nurse it back to health, only for the creature to leave. Before I can follow it, the ship gets captured, either by communists or space pirates.


I’m about halfway through the achievements for this game and, as you can see above, haven’t discovered that many endings to this game. I also have several of the missions to complete as well. I’ve started getting used to several events, learning what their possible outcomes are. Still the game seems to have enough content that I’m itching to see what else I can find playing this game.

I haven’t even tried the endless game mode yet, so there’s still a lot to discover with this one. I don’t know how to finish this article properly so I’m just gonna end on a random thought I had while playing this game:

Is Deedee’s obsession with coffee a reference to Captain Janeway?

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