Pyongyang Metro

Our Korean tour guides took us to ride the Pyongyang Metro through the city. We were lucky enough to be able to stop at four stations, something which very few tourists have done before.

We went into the Metro at Puhung station. We skipped the queue and went straight through to the escalator. This escalator felt longer than the one in Angel station in London – the only other long escalator I’ve ever been on.

At the bottom we our tour guide showed us the route we were going to take. There was a little board that lights up showing the route that you would take through the city when you ride the metro. Unfortunately this one wasn’t working so we didn’t get the full effect.

Metro Map
Metro Map

We descended the stairs to the actual platform. This place was absolutely huge – a large wide open space with murals covering every wall. Along the middle of the platform were posts with newspapers inside them. Many people would stand by them and read the latest news while they waited for their train.

The trains themselves looked like they were from the 40s. When I heard Gareth selling this tour once he said that it was like going through a time machine. Seeing these trains I felt like I had been transported to a time when trains were still fairly new to most of the world.

Another train pulled up and we were told to board this one. The train’s interior was covered with wood panelling adding to the feel of being in another time. The train began moving and we were off to the next stop.

Aboard the old train
Aboard the old train

At Yongwang station we disembarked to look around. This station was lined with huge arches and murals of Pyongyang on both sides of the river.

We got onto the next train and proceeded to Kaeson which was to be our destination. The next stop was closed so we went straight through. I only saw it briefly, but it was pretty dark – none of the lights were switched on.

At our final stop we were met with a (less) giant statue of the leader.

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