Prologue: Introducing Dorthon

2 Mirtul, 1368

Gameplay Note: similar to Vorgan, I’ll use italics for in-character text, and non-italics for out-of-character explanations of things like mechanics, the reason I made certain choices, my opinions on mods, and so on.

This is the first entry in the journal of Dorthon. I am a halfling orphan raised in Candlekeep by the sage Gorion. He has always treated me as his own, and taught me much from the books that fill the Keep. I was never really the greatest of bookworms, but I did spend a lot of time sneaking into the secret areas of the Keep:

Gameplay Note: I decided to do something different with this character. I nearly always play a Human Wild Mage, and even then I usually play a mage type character. The basic concept I had for this character was a hobbit like Frodo or Sam from Lord of the Rings. Obviously this isn’t exactly like a LOTR hobbit, it’s a different to what I’m used to.

I always yearned for adventure, travelling on the open road. I had become a good thief, but I was still a good thief – I’d never stab anyone in the back:

Gameplay Note: I decided on a thief this time, since I will be rotating characters, and some dungeons will be basically impossible without one. I went for Adventurer because I think it fits the theme I was going for with this character, and I imagine that Dorthon would see backstabbing as kind of an evil thing to do.

Today he told me that there will be no chores except for one: he gave me some gold and told me to purchase supplies for the road, including weapons and armour. That last part got me – what did he expect to find? I had only my quarterstaff with me, and it wasn’t exactly my favourite weapon:

Combat was never really my specialty anyway. I learned the basics of a bow and a sword from the Keep’s guards growing up, but I’m no fighter.

So now I stand before the Candlekeep Inn. I guess I should go inside and see what equipment I can purchase for the journey ahead.

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