My Steam Library

So many unplayed games in my library… Let’s play them all!


Bad North: Jotunn Edition

I find yet another roguelite game (they seem to be the trend so far) in my Steam Library. This time it’s a simple strategy game where you defend your home against Viking invaders. Short and sweet, but there is a little more depth to this game than it first seems.

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Girdle of Gender Nonconformity

It’s the holiday week so I don’t have much time to play Baldur’s Gate right now. So I thought I’d do a quick article about one aspect I really like about Baldur’s Gate’s design. It’s one you don’t even know is there unless you specifically look for it.

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Rogue Tower: My Most Played Game

Outside of what I’ve been writing about on here, it turns out I’ve played a lot of games this year. More than I expected, in fact. According to Steam, I played 32 different games this year. And I’m a little surprised at which games I played the most.

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Unlocking Skins in Action Henk

My mission to finish all games in my Steam Library is moving at a slow pace. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Action Henk, earning medals and unlocking skins. It’s gotten me thinking about skins in games, and how they have changed over the years.

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